I am a Swede living and working in Denmark.

I like travelling, and during the last couple of years I've been able to go abroad at least once a year. I tend to take some more interesting shots when I am out travelling.

On gear:
I've come to get a set of equipment that can do what I want to be able to do. For me, it's important to have a portable set of equipment, so that I can easily take it with me on my back.
That being said, I think most magazines and most amateur photographers are paying too much attention on gear and too little on images.

I have been focusing a lot on digital workflow and automated archiving and backup of my photos. Have you got all your pictures backed up?

Please skip the copyright watermark on your pictures. First of all, nobody is going to steal your picture if it's not really really good. We are all amateurs, relax man. Second; it distracts the eye from enjoying the composition. Third; if somebody were to steal your really awesomely good picture, they could easily clone your watermark away anyways.
Besides that, Copyright needs to grow up. All of my images are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike. I see it as an experiment. I know, nobody is going to use my images anyways, but IF ;)

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  • Patric Lanhed from Lat55 and Björn Söderqvist from CopenhagenJS by Jeppe Fihl-Pearson
  • CopenhagenJS meetup #3 by Siebuhr
  • More meetup by Siebuhr
  • Bjørn (semi-)livecoding by Siebuhr
  • P1010844 by bigtalk
  • P1010832 by bigtalk
  • P1010823 by bigtalk
  • P1010788 by bigtalk
  • Cypern 2010 by Björn Söderqvist
  • _MG_5656-ed-ed-ed.jpg by hilarious education
  • IBC 2009 by Björn Söderqvist

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Björn Söderqvist
May 2005
Copenhagen, Denmark
I am:
Male and Taken
Frontend developer
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