My name is Kaleb Fulgham.


I love taking pictures of friends, family, coffee, food, nature, and creation with my Canon 5D Mark III.


I thoroughly enjoyed attending the University of Houston & earning my BS in Computer Science, Business Option. I have a personal portfolio and blog at!


I am the developer for the Facebook Application / Mashup - My Flickr which I started May 31, 2007 as a little hobby. It has grown to 400k plus users which is more than I every imagined. Thanks to their donations (Thank YOU!) I can continue to host and develop the app.


kalebdf. Get yours at

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  • JoinedJune 2005
  • OccupationSoftware Engineer
  • HometownHouston


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Energetic Hair (deleted)

Haha I thought that it would be nice to give you a testimonial. Well, K is a great person who never leaves the camera at home. You are always ready to get that picture no matter what... Nice shots!

January 2, 2007