KA1KJZ is the amateur (ham) radio callsign of Ronald C. “Ron” Barnes of Southington, Connecticut.

Here you will find my photography, I have no particular theme or genre in mind, if its visible, I photograph it.

This started as a picture dump for my various family and technical photos I wanted to share, but it is rapidly becoming something else. Here you will find technical work, genealogy of the Barnes and Doucette families in Connecticut; graphics for my 24/7 radio station, historical photos, and various trials in home automation, monitoring and graphing.

Worthy of mention is the photography blog on www.ronaldcbarnes.com, my resume and consultancy site. There you will find my resume, professional accomplishments, news, and capabilities as a freelance geek.

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  • Real Time Clock- PCF8563 by Andrew D2010
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  • 20120926-122510-7343 by Steve Blanchard
  • Lollipop - Cardiff, Wales by Maciej Dakowicz
  • Sheep in Wales by amphalon
  • GPS & Barometer logger by okini393939
  • Adipose on the Dance Floor by Corbicus Maximus
  • Vincent by Silverspike
  • DSC00421 by redisant

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Ronald Barnes
September 2009
Southington, Connecticut
Southington, Connecticut, United States
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