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A novice managing some random shots thorough the confusing haze of numbers pretending to be ISO/Aperture/ shutter speed etc!



Enfield Lover

Day Dreamer


Wannabe Drummer


Novice Photographer

Jazz And Blues Aficionado

Love The Hills

Caffeine Addict

Hopeless Romantic

Romantic Realist


Demolition Man (Unintentionally, I swear)

Army Brat

War Movie Buff

News Junkie

Solitude Seeker

Rolling Stone

Five Point No one

Pirate Maniac

Creative Destructor(It's not really a word, but what the hell!)

Eleventh Hour Guy


Zepplin Worshipper






vacilando. n. A wanderer. A person for whom the act of traveling is more important than the destination. The derivation is from the Spanish verb vacilar.



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