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A little about myself, if I may:
I am a self taught photo enthusiast, I started shooting with a simple point and shoot, and naturally it paved a way to a DSLR. I also enjoy shooting film, even more so than digital, I would say.
I admire the works of great photographers out there, and I also have a profound love for cameras and lenses and different emulsions of films.

I love people and their quirks, so portraits and other human affairs are my favorite. But, as I take my camera everywhere with me, please also enjoy other interesting stuff I found around me.

I also appreciate constructive critics and comments, so be sure to leave them wherever you like.


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  • Jonowi and Valen by tjtuhuleruw
  • B 1977 SOE-Harsono's by tjtuhuleruw
  • JonoWi plays guitar by tjtuhuleruw
  • Jonowi by tjtuhuleruw
  • Jon's watch by tjtuhuleruw
  • Dinner of the Singer by tjtuhuleruw
  • Some happy faces.. by mein fotograf
  • Br. Masa and Br. Yono.. I mean.. Jon.. by mein fotograf
  • More happy faces.. by mein fotograf
  • Joni steak by mein fotograf

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Jonathan Wicaksana
August 2009
Jakarta, Indonesia
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