“I am not interested in shooting new things - I am interested to see things new.” -Ernest Haas

Make no little plans.

We are seeking an authentic view of Chicago. We aim to see Chicago anew and cast aside the familiarity of long residence. What was once a fort at the intersection of the river and the lake was gorged by commerce and traffic. The rails fed the city on corn and hogs until it was a hulking metropolis. Then a great fire consumed the city and from its ashes rose a phoenix - the Second City, larger still. Another century and a half of rail yards, architecture, immigration, agriculture and urbanization has continued to swell the city. Now our window of time is opened upon this Midwestern metropolis and it is a struggle simply to see it clearly. This city is a study in contrasts - quintessentially midwestern and undeniably cosmopolitan, a center for both political hope and political sleeze, beautiful and dangerous, frigid and blistering.

The City Gray that ne'er shall die.

We started this blog for Chicagoans - for those who have never left, for those scattered hither and yon and for those who have yet to come - after all, there is a little Chicago in everyone. You’ll find a new photograph here every day and we hope we’ll find an audience in this brave new media. Drop by everyday and leave a comment or two - collect a few desktop wallpapers and tell your friends. If you see us out and about on a Sunday morning before dawn, hovering around a tripod, say hello. We hope to document the beaten path and the road less traveled in a new and exciting way; we make no excuses for the optimism or aesthetic we express here, our photographic vision has no room for cynicism. Chicago is out there somewhere in the bitter cold, frozen in place over the lake; it’s there in the melt-your-face summer swelter and everywhere inbetween. Camera in hand, we head out into this great American landscape to find the truly Chicagoan and to harvest it with a shutter. With hands still chapped from the wind, the L still ringing in our ears, we offer you Chicago in all its grain-belt glory.

The Baha'i Temple at Blue Hour

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    keith sea says:

    "As a kid from new jersey who decided to pick up photography as a hobby i choose to move to chicago to go to college for music, knowing that i was going there i decided to look up pictures of chicago and photographers from chicago, kern.justin's photos were a couple of the first i checked out, and ive been following his every post and his blog since then, by just observing and reading his blog ive learned so much about photography and chicago in general. his pictures are miraculous, and as a photographer he is someone i find inspiration from."

    October 22nd, 2009

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