I find amazingly beautiful places to photograph and share with you.

I'm an avid Landscape & Travel Photographer, Web & Graphic Designer / Developer, Coffee & Tea Aficionado, Foodie, Christian, & Husband from Southern California.

For about 5 years from 2005 - 2010, I did professional photography. People flew me all over North America to shoot weddings, engagements, and big events. Eventually, I tired of all the stress and hassle, and migrated out of that and back into web and graphic design as a profession. But soon I realized how much I missed photography. So I finally bought a new set of gear, this time optimized around landscape photography - which drew me into photography in the first place - and began to shoot again. You can see my recent work here on Flickr.

The more I do photography, the more I realize I have yet to learn. Just when you think you have it figured out, you meet another person who makes you realize just how little you really know. Photography is a life-long journey and something you may never truly master. Just enjoy the journey. It never ends - and I wouldn't want it to!

Some of my work and interviews have been published in Popular Photography Magazine, American Photo Magazine, and Popular Science Magazine, in addition to the websites of those publications. I have been recognized and featured by Canon, Inc. who have used my work in various promotional materials for their cameras.

You may have noticed many of my more recent images do not have any EXIF metadata. I do strip that on purpose to remove the emphasis often placed on gear. Art is made by people, not machines, and I use a variety of different tools to create my work. In many cases, you'll see two images side by side in my stream that share color range, light tonality, and artistic styling, but which were made with two radically different camera systems.

Artistically, I do believe in creating art. This means that I do not publish photographs that have not been properly manipulated to bring them in line with my artistic vision for the image. As a human being and not a robot, I actually take the opposite stance from many photographers, and fully support artistic manipulation of photographs created as art. A photograph straight from the camera could be made by the camera without the human, from an artistic standpoint.

I utilize a fairly complex artistic workflow using many technical tools to bring each image to its final rendition. I pre-visualize many of my images before leaving home, and actively pursue conditions in which a particular scene will exist in space and time and be possible to create. While I do not add or subtract colors or elements in my images, I do a variety of things to bring out the best of the colors and light that the camera has picked up that the untrained human eye may not. (Some people have the ability to see more colors than others, and you actually see things differently than other people do, as everyone's eyes are different.) I try my best to show you the scene as I visualized it in my mind's eye. This is the human side of photographic art.

Without my artistic mentors, I wouldn't be half of what I am today. I'd like to give a huge tip of the hat to:

Guy Tal - philosophy of art and artistic living, wilderness mindset and relationship with the wild
Ben Horne - craftsmanship and mindset, inspiration
Marc Adamus - artistic style, workflow
Sean Bagshaw - workflow techniques and tools, color management
Tony Kuyper - luminosity masking techniques and tools
Ryan Dyar - artistic style, videos on technique
Miles Morgan - artistic style
Eliot Porter - mindset and attitude towards wilderness and art
Dara Lork - for giving me a kick in the pants when I was getting started on color management and workflow, and giving me his tripod
The Hudson River School of Art (an historic artistic style, not an actual school)
My Dad - for getting me started in photography and teaching me the basics of photographic exposure and SLR operation, and lending me his gear when I was first starting out.

Enjoy the photos, and happy shooting!

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    LaraJade says:

    "you definately have an eye for capturing such great shots! my favourite of yours is the one of the wedding with the two girls.
    i can definately see evolution through your work - i hope this will carry on! i'll be sure to check back to your work."

    July 31st, 2006

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    clear profit says:

    "Justin's eye for detail is fantastic. He captures everything with beauty and precision, and I truly enjoy looking at his photos. Justin also has a thirst for photography that is admirable. If there's room for improvement, he will (and does) improve. With his extraordinary talent and passion, he will undoubtedly have a bright future in photography."

    July 31st, 2006

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    A.Denomay says:

    "I find in Justin's photos a unique creative direction and an enormous attention to details towards his works. His technique shows an extraordinary talent and a "development worthy" potential. His Passion will bring him a brilliant future in photography!"

    July 25th, 2006

Justin Lowery
April 2005
Ghent, NY
Wildomar, CA, U.S.A.
I am:
Graphic Designer, Communications Director, Photographer
Lowery Landscapes