Many of the images that I have posted here have a travel/touristy/snapshot bent to them.

I have 'geo-tagged' most, but not all, of the photos.


Most, but not all, of the 'geo-tagged' photos also appear on this map. I assume the 'no shows'

are due to oddities/conflicts with the Flickr algorithm logic.




Some 'cleaner' formats for viewing my photo stream:


Flickr River of 'Interesting':




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Outstanding portfolio of images. They are all worthy of a star but i'm afraid my finger might fall off from clicking on each one . Great images and the history lessens are a bonus. Cheers

April 24, 2020

very compelling, beautiful and interesting images, I arrived at them through common interests and places visited. -congrats and thank so much for sharing all this!!! I´ve made registers in some of the same places, as in Orvieto, but I focused mostly on the inside of the duomo

March 18, 2021