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O.k. folks...I have been looking around here on Flickr abit lately...and boy oh boy , I'm not naive, I've been around abit, but I have to tell you...I am just shocked at all the perverts here.

I know, I know...that's not EVERYBODY...this IS the internet... But, good Lord, since when did the creation of the internet mean the loss of all common sense?


---Oh, wait and let me clarify: by the term "perverts" I do NOT mean anyone who shoots or views or collects or whatever nude pics of ANY sort. No...there is raunchy and there is sensual....but those can be subjective. What I find sensual, another may find disgusting so, so be it. Legal is legal. Private groups doing private, natural, legal things is one thing. You are an as you please.


BUT---BUT!---BUT...where on earth do these pedophiles get off (oops) thinking that they can post their very own head shot (if they dare, and apparently some do) right along with their child porn collection...or in child porn groups? The groups may be private people, but let me fill you in here abit...we CAN still see who the members are of these groups. WE see you...your spouse can see you, your kids can see you (God forbid that they're not on your lap viewing with you anyway!), your boss can see you, family members, neighbors,...


Aside from is still illegal you know. Posting & viewing pictures of children in the nude, in sexual positions, having sex... YOU are still a criminal. Just because you have a camera, scanner, and sick twisted mind along with an internet connection....does not give you the "freedom", the "right" to post these things on the internet.


Not only should you not be doing what you are doing---you can damn well stop doing it here. Go away. Why are you sharing with other perverts anyway? Why are you taking the chance of getting caught by connecting to the internet and doing these things?


FYI: besides the fact that you are sick and that I would say that you do "need help", but you know what? You can't be helped. Your mind is so far twisted it doesn't know what "normal" is anymore.

But, I digress (again!) besides THAT, you can be tracked.

Eventually, you WILL be.

Not only on this site but others...the admins of the site can turn your info over to your local law enforcement.

Not only that, but unless you are VERY good with computers...every single child porno site is lodged in your computer...better yet...the internet is NOT just is tracking every move you make. Just because there are thousands of you to be caught doesn't mean that you will be one of the few to never get tracked down.


I know none of this stops your can not be cured.... but, I implore you: stay off sites that have decent, family-oriented (oh, wait...that probably means different things to you than it does to most of us)...human beings. You are not with your own here. Someone is going to say something. Someone is going to do something. You are risking more here than if you would just stay on your very own sick-twisted-pathetic child porn site. At least there you are with 100% of your "own". Here? Not so much.


End Rant... for now :P

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