Since 2000 I have been a student of Sogyal Rinpoche and since 2007 I have been taking photos with focus on Buddhist teachers. I am an authorized photographer of Sogyal Rinpoche's international network Rigpa. Many of my Dharma photos I took at Sogyal Rinpoche's retreat centre Lerab Ling in France, but also in Nepal and India where I have been regularly travelling to since 2006. Besides my wish to capture the great teachers of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition and the places, monasteries etc. that are associated with it, I also take more and more pictures of every day situations wherever I am. Sometimes I write some words that go along with the photos: I consider (Dharma)-photography I hobby of mine. My main focus is on the Tibetan language and I occasionally work as a teacher for Tibetan and aspire to become a translator for Tibetan Buddhism.


I have displayed my photos during various exhibits in the US. All images are available for sale for $39 (20x30cm/8x12"). Other sizes are possible as well.

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