A few things about using my photos.

First, I have chosen a Creative Commons license so that (with credit as described in the license) you can use my photos in many situations without further permission. Still, I'd be pleased if you leave a comment on the photos you use or send a Flickr mail. I'm motivated by seeing my photos used in interesting places.

Second, I rarely upload my photos at full resolution. Send a Flickr mail if you need the original, or want to be exempted from the terms of the CC license. Please describe how you will use the photo and I'll consider it.

One last thing - I usually ignore invitations with gaudy badges, expecially if they flash. I'd prefer you not use them, but I won't ban you unless it's really obnoxious.

Photos of Velo Steve (12)

  • 20111126-DSC_3887 by mb_shutterbug
  • 20111124-DSC_3724 by mb_shutterbug
  • 100530_8567LR by mb_shutterbug
  • Photographer and model by phoebemum
  • Steve and Kathy by Phil Aaronson
  • Getting in close. by Phil Aaronson
  • First Photo by KM_Ryan
  • Dad by Phil Aaronson
  • Parents and Grandparents by Phil Aaronson
  • Bob and Steve by Phil Aaronson
  • Steve and Kathy by Phil Aaronson
  • Chutes and Ladders by Phil Aaronson

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Steve Ryan
April 2005
Groveland, CA, USA