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Short Introduction
A Thermal Power / Mechanical Engineer by profession and an artist by passion. Photography is in my genes and i see myself doing photo-realistic animations in future. Embroidery, science projects, drawing, painting, book reading, 3d rendering, generative modelling etc have been on my list of interest. Still, i love DIY things in daily life. My Graduation and Post Graduation is from University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore from 2001-2008. My current research interest are various fields of computer graphics and physics animation. I have worked on CFD modeling of evaporating and non-evaporating fuel sprays under different conditions. Now I am quite busy in 9-to-5 research job in Islamabad, having little time for photography.
My camera and gear didnt come for free, so dont ask for using my pictures without paying me.

I am using GIMP 2.6 on Ubuntu 14.04 at home.
Using PS CS5 on Win 7 64bit for photo editing. (more photo editing tools list soon)
I am using 3ds Max 2011, AutoCAD 2012, Pro E WF5, Ansys 13, Maxwell 2.6, Realflow 5, FORAN v70 and many thousand other latest tools on Win XP 64bit 16 Core 32Gb RAM supercomputing node.

© 2011 Muhammad Junaid Rashid

Flickr Notes

I actively participate in photo-walks etc arranged by national groups of flickr (including a few i was once an admin). I love to experiment with software, equipment, technique and technology.

Further Disclaimers
If you add me, thank you. Usually i will add you back. If you comment or fave my pictures, i will most likely to return favour. But i like faves, they are harmless and easy just like facebook likes. If you have larger images settings for your profile's first page, you have done most annoying thing on flickr for me. You would find me out of my contacts list when i start clean-up. If my work is included in a gallery you curate, i will be grateful. I have a hard time to list down themes for galleries, if you suggest, i might make some.
The most annoying thing you do is to use unconstrained resize (e.g a stretched buddy icon). I hate that. Its almost like fitting a square peg in a round hole (or rather relevantly, a rectangular peg in a square hole).

Copyrights Statements
Some of my work is presented and protected by Getty Images. While some more is protected by Alamy Images.
All of my images on my flickr stream are copyright managed upon creation, in Unites States of America
I also have copyright protection services from another source on internet (check links above).
Soon, i will also be enjoying additional rights on my pictures in Pakistan as well. So, the editorial staff of tv channels and magazines, newspaper, websites must put an end to abusing my copyrights. If i found you doing so, i will send you an invoice.
People love to steal and use my photos, please dont mess with my rights. Send a request of license by email or consider purchase from Getty Images. Ever searched for DMCA?

Skeleton of a small leaf : Worlds within (Junaid Rashid) by Engineer J
Flowers from mars by Engineer J

Lanzhou Lamian Pulled noodles with beef, coriander and soup with chopsticks by Engineer J
Fresh green Paan leaf chewing stacked in basket by Engineer J
Do you know that guy by Engineer J

Heart by Engineer J
A Play Field of Footballs - Odd one out by Engineer J
Woman (As Women are from Venus) by Engineer J
Man (as Men are from Mars) by Engineer J

Turn it on, turn it off : The switch by Engineer J
IMG_5048 by Engineer J
Railway Bridge and rotary tower on Yangtze (changjiang) river by Engineer J
Pieces of paper by Engineer J

Burning But Tasteful by Engineer J
Technically Super Fruit - Malook by Engineer J
Fireworks are hard to work by Engineer J
I am in another world. by Engineer J

large array of support wheel by Engineer J
Naan Ping Chinese bread halal food muslim  Tanggu Tianjin China by Engineer J
IMG_3820 by Engineer J
IMG_0088 by Engineer J

Abundance and Variations by Engineer J
Flowers All color at Summer Palace entrance by Engineer J
Bibi Jiwandi Bahawal Haleem and Ustad Nooria Tomb ruins at Uch Sharif Bahawalpur 2 by Engineer J
Forbidden City by Engineer J

Fresh green Paan leaf chewing stacked in basket by Engineer J
Please smile by Engineer J
Poppy and Other by Engineer J
EJ wearing yellow safety helmet At new Xingang Shipyar, Tianjin by Engineer J

Wooden Pattern and details in forbidden city, Beijing by Engineer J
Just one day, today. Sunset in Tanggu Tianjin, China by Engineer J

This profile and all the text and images presented here is also copyrighted and protected.
Many Thanks for reading my profile.

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    Ganymede Photography says:

    "Junaid is a very talented photographer and also a great friend. You can't miss his gallery! He's such a nice artist. Keep up the good work, always!"

    December 30th, 2011

  • view profile

    *jenny* says:

    "juni's photos take me to a place i may never get to visit. he makes me see the true value of things i take for granted every day. for that, i thank him. i don't believe i have ever seen someone so enthusiastic and persistent about learning photography. thank you, juni...your friend, jenny."

    April 7th, 2007

  • view profile

    magnificent digestion says:

    "“Un-armed and dangerous !”………… no other words can describe EJ…..Imagine the day when he gets the full minimal kit and LIKES to roam free in the in the wild !

    So what…..he is young and above all, self-critical. He is in the same depression phase I have faced for a decade. Roam wasn’t built in a day………so EJ is in building phase. We all are, more important to realize that we always are. Life through-the-lens is no different from life itself.

    EJ is a thermal engineer……….he is about to develop a camera out of a flat-bed scanner, in fact he has in papers ! Back in early 90s, a doc friend of mine once produced a razor-sharp mirror image of a building on a single 35mm film frame using 50mm lens without double exposing the negative or putting a mirror in front of the lens…….how could he, as he didn’t even know where the double exposure switch was ! He left the camera because he had strong myopia and no view-finder refraction correction aid was available, while stating the reason “I don’t know why the heck photogs use two hands to hold the SLR !” I will not let anything like this to be concluded by EJ now !

    EJ you should be engaged a little more in the photography while retaining your technography. It is an extremely rare combination ………….. in fact a mutant one ! ‘Evolution’ is a word meant for masses……… like me !"

    April 1st, 2007

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