I've had Barbie dolls since I was a child, but I've been collecting playscale miniatures for about 19 years. I've been wanting to photograph and catalog my miniatures for a long time now, and I'm finally getting around to it. Since I tend to over-pack my scenes, this has given me the chance to enjoy everything again, as it all was originally found - one little piece at a time! Each "set" of photos includes everything in that one room/scene.

Currently, I am still working on the art studio. A "sewing/craft room" is in its early stages. I still have a lot of misc items to photograph that are not displayed. I am also collecting pieces for a pioneer scene and an Indian scene. And I am trying to learn how to sew. :)

I've added to this mini-world slowly - finding or making one small item every other month, or while visiting a special flea market, finding 4 or 5 items all in one day. Almost everything "non-Barbie" was found second-hand at thrift stores, yard sales or flea markets. I've yet to find a playscale miniatures shop or even a book focused on 1/6 scale doll props. I'd love to have a book titled, "Treasured Barbie-Sized Finds - For Collectors Who Can't Help But Make A Scene!" Wouldn't that be the best!

Not many items are exactly 1/6 scale, but there are things that come near-perfectly close and look great in a Barbie house or scene. The amazing, one-of-a-kind 1/6 scale items available on ebay are definitely way out of my Barbie-sized budget. The most fun about finding affordable pieces is that almost every item ends up being completely unexpected - I never know what will turn up and where.

And even more special are the items given to me by a loved-one who says that they saw something and it made them think of me....What they need to know is that every time I "adjust my scenery" or rearrange my doll house, I see their gift, and in that moment, a sweet memory of them floods my mind and I realize how blessed I am to know them.

Over time, as my collection has grown, I've created scenes to reflect more and more of my individual interests and the people I love. Every single scene in my doll room has obvious and not-so-obvious items that remind me of so many dear people in my life - some were gifts, some made for me, some found on special trips with my family, some acquired in the oddest places....So many pieces have a little story, history or memory attached to them.

After the house scenes, I moved on to the shops. The shops are especially fun to create because I can take a hobby - dolls and miniatures - and add other interests. The antique/flea market shops stem from my love of "Little House On The Prairie" and "The Walton's." So many of the items remind me of favorite episodes or stories my grandparents have told. The western and Indian shops reflect my interest in the southwest and the movie/story "Dances With Wolves." The resale/consignment shops are fun because I've always loved fashion and shopping second-hand. And finally, the grocery store was always my favorite when I played with my dolls as a child - so, that's all about the memories.

My doll room is literally a little corner of my life, and as real life goes on, I enjoy keeping my playscale-eyes opened and experiencing that secret delight when that perfect little something shows up unexpectedly, and better yet, for less than expected!

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