Through the photograph I focus on what is in front of me, interpret it and take a position. Through flickr I send a message on how children live, how they cope and how we work with them.

I joined UNICEF in Aceh after the Tsuname. I was there for two years with short missions in 2006: the earthquake in Yogyakarta and in Lebanon after the conflict. I spent two and a half years in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo, based in Goma. After that I was three years in Guinea. Since 2013 I am working on programmes in Yemen.

One of my children introduced me to the “Convention on the Rights of the Child”. Zac was about eight years old. I was not a perfect father, he came back from school with a copy of the CRC which he handed to me without a word turned on his heel and left the room. These photographs are dedicated to my children.


All of the photographs and my comments are my own opinion and do not represent the position of any organization I might be associated with.


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