Hmmm, I guess it's time to start a serious profile since I got some testimonials.

Lets see, about me, I like to take long walks on the beach. Love giving foot massage and I do bathe every day. I eat a lot of Rice and I think they are great when you're hungry and want 2,000 of something. I love Target, I would go to them more if I didn't missed the door all the times. Love to play Tennis but I know I will never be as good as the wall. I love wearing turtleneck like Steve Job but wearing a turtleneck is like being strangled by a really weak guy...all damn day! In fact, if you wear a backpack and a turtle-neck, it's like a weak midget trying to bring you down!

So, that's all about me, now you feel like you've just wasted your time didn't you? :P

[ Thank you Mitch Hedberg ]

You spin me round and round and round


WhoIsLeon? SRLY, that's the website name


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    Koribrooke. says:

    "Leon is one of my favorite people on flickr by far. I don't really remember how I came across his stream, but I am super glad I did. And plus it helps that his son is super adorable. haha"

    April 9th, 2009

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    sam_samantha says:

    "every now and then, it's fun to just photograph just for the heck of it...and you've managed to that so's always refreshing to come to your stream and enjoy a good smile, laugh, and every now and then lattes....thank you leon for being such a faithful friend here on flickr land and for your support of LOVE and the work that we do with the children in developing supporting our work, you're supporting the dreams of these children....

    with all sincerity,

    October 3rd, 2008

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    Kat&Kat says:

    "Leon has been my contact for a while now, so it's about time I wrote him a testimonial.
    First of all, Leon is so much fun, I love his sense of humor...I had to mention that, even though that's not the reason I keep coming back to his stream. I keep visiting his stream, because his photos are soooo good! His stilllife pictures are some of the best on Flickr. He has great style, and his processing makes his stream so cool and unique. I wish I could see things like Leon sees them.
    You rock, Leon! xoxo"

    August 28th, 2008

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    ♥ Hazed ♥ says:

    "I have been meaning to write this for awhile now and
    is long overdue. Leon's photos are amazing. He has such
    a talent and not in just photography but his editing rocks!!
    He is a bokehmaniac and that is always cool because you
    are bound to find some awesome bokeh in his stream. Aiden
    is just the cutest and coolest little dude on flickr and such an
    awesome model!

    He is super funny and genuinely a very cool guy!! I am
    very glad to call him a friend here on flickr.. Keep inspiring

    June 21st, 2008

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    .Kels. says:

    "Leon is one of my favorite Flickr peeps. Reasons why?

    -Leon my brotha from another motha!!! seriously, we HAVE to be related!!!
    - His sarcasm- his comments are SO funny!
    - His bokeh addiction. And he has some of the BEST bokeh on Flickr!
    - His love for all things pink......I love a man who is not afraid to show his feminine side :p
    - His PP just ROCKS.
    - His love for his wifey and his cool lil dude, Aidan.

    He's just one hella talented photographer ...his images are amazing, lighting is always off the hizzle, and I would honestly get bored on Flickr without his snark! If you don't have him as a contact, add him now- you will not regret it! AND for bonus points: you can beat him in being first commenter on other people's streams- it's a fun way to pass the time at work :p

    But most of all, Leon is a great friend to me. He might be a smart ass, but he's super sweet when it counts, and for that reason, I love this dude to death!

    Thanks for inspiring me Leon!"

    June 20th, 2008

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    derbyq says:

    "When Leon was a boy, his parents took one of those "Your child might be a serial killer if...." quizzes. Since his profile matched 11 out of 12 on the list, they sent him off to Photography for Delinquents School to try and cure him. They figured if he'd shoot with a camera instead that his needs would be fulfilled. Obviously, Leon's parents had great wisdom and foresight, and he is still sending them royalty checks to this day.

    Srsly though (and don't tell him I said this), his skills in shooting and processing have no equal on flickr. My favorite things about him are his wry sense of humor, and the love he shows for his son and wife. Shhhh....don't let that get out."

    June 18th, 2008

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    *Karo* says:

    "Leon is such a valuable addition to the flickr community. He's hilarious and giving with his comments, and his own photos are amazing, thanks to a great eye and some serious processing skillz. I'm so glad to be able to count him as a contact."

    June 1st, 2008

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    Jinna van Ringen says:

    "One of the nicest people on flickr. His photography and way of processing is amazing and enchanting."

    May 14th, 2008

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    littlemisspatricia says:

    "Leon is one of my favorite flickr people. He constantly cracks me up with his witty comments or catchy tunes (and he seems to pop up in the most random of places). Photography-wise, he is amazing. From processing to composition, every photo has a story to tell. :) Keep the naturey crap coming, Leon!"

    May 4th, 2008

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    MakingMemories(Deja-Vu photography) says:

    "Leon is one hell of a photographer..he makes my day with his comments and you never know what he is going to come up with your work my are amazing!! you such a good friend..he has a fantastic eye and has such love for his family...thanks for your friendship and always putting a smile on my face...keep on rock!!!"

    April 29th, 2008

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    digitalgopher says:

    "Ah, Leon. Let me begin by saying that Leon is probably THE funniest guy on Flickr. His sense of humor is like no one else's I know, online or offline. He makes me laugh everyday... even on days that I feel blah, I can go through Leon's photostream, read his comments, and feel completely revived. As for his photography, I think it speaks for itself. I admire him for challenging himself and experimenting with different processing/themes. Leon, you're a great Flickr friend and I'm so glad to have met you. Thanks for the laughs, man. Keep up the good work!"

    April 24th, 2008

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    Sarah .K says:

    "I still remember the day I first discovered Leon's stream. I was so impressed - which I certainly still am. He's an fabulous photographer and a funny guy, which always makes his stream worth a visit! :)"

    April 23rd, 2008

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    Jordan Chark says:

    "Leon's photos are top tier, seriously. He simply captures the great moments, and makes them 100 times better with his pro processing skills. The element of geekiness always rocks, too. :P He's a continual inspiration for me, and I'm sure, many, many, others."

    April 21st, 2008

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    Little Thoughts says:

    "Leon's photostream is one of my favorite photostreams to stalk..i mean 'visit' =P His photos are wonderful captures that tell a great story so you can never get bored of looking at them. Even though he's a huge geek, he still is a huge a source for inspiration for me! Keep it up!"

    April 19th, 2008

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    honeyjazz says:

    "I love how Leon tells stories with his photos. His ability to catch moments and beautiful memories. I love how his photos are so full of love, joy and laughter... his pictures often put a smile on my face!"

    March 25th, 2008

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    le vent le cri says:

    "I don't believe I didn't write you a testimonial...Shame on, me!
    Well, Leon is perfect dad with the most adorable son, husband(I guess, :P), friend, dude with perfect sense for humor and finally a perfect photographer! Just love visit his stream...who don't?! =)"

    March 17th, 2008

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    Jenn521 says:

    "Such talent! I seriously want to favorite every one of your photos. Keep up the great work!"

    March 7th, 2008

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    Norma*Iriz* says:

    "WOW... Leon! What a fabulous photography. Such a happy-go-lucky guy. Leon has so much talent I have grown to admire and respect. He has a great eye for finding fantastic shots. Great looking guy with a great looking family! Such a man of Class and creativity. Keep up the great work!"

    February 27th, 2008

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    *nicole e* says:

    "OH MY GOSH! i love leon.
    he is SO SO SO funny and he makes me smile each and everyday :D
    he comments on all of my pictures and i comment on all of his.
    he's just too good!! ;]
    he is a true photographer with a great eye and has an adorable son.
    i always get excited when i see one of his pictures in my contacts. he's one of the first people i go to when i log in.
    thanks for being such a good friend on flickr!
    keep up the good work.

    February 21st, 2008

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    Leonie² says:

    "I consider Leon to be the funniest man and cutest dad on Flickr. His son Aidan is the cutest guy ever, his collection of Starbucks captures is the best I’ve ever seen and he always makes me laugh with his clever titles, descriptions and comments. Flickr wouldn’t be Flickr without him, so Leon, you’d better keep up the good work ;)"

    February 9th, 2008

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    *Alyssa. says:

    "Leon. First of all: he always makes me laugh. You're a funny man, Leon. I absolutely LOVE his naturey crap shots!! They're all gorgeous. He has the best Starbucks shots and his son is such a cutie! You're one of my faves on Flickr, dude."

    February 8th, 2008

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    xteena says:

    "taking the simplest things in life and making them into the most beautiful images is hard but Leon makes it look like piece of cake. i can't remember how i found him but i sure am glad that i did. his descriptions and comments are PRICELESS. Leon's work is inspiring."

    February 5th, 2008

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    k-ko says:

    "He is one of my favorite photographers. His photos are filled with fun and joy and a love for life, and always make me smile :) His use of color and dof is amazing!"

    February 3rd, 2008

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    Cure' says:

    "Jueno Jueno Jueno,
    What Can I Say ?!
    He's Just Creative, He Always Makes Objects That Are Really Ordinary Extraordinary Through His Lens !
    And Don't Get Me Started On His Cute Little Aiden .. !
    His Portraits Are More Than Professional And I Think That's His Best Area In Photography,
    Wishing You All The Best =)


    January 30th, 2008

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    ♥ Moa Maria says:

    "Leon/Jueno/Ricey is a great photographer and such a funny person. I love looking at his stream of gorgeous shots, often with hilarious descriptions and/or titles :) He's a great flickr-friend too, and leaves fun comments that make me giggle when I read them! :)"

    January 29th, 2008

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    *Bella says:

    "Jueno is one of the most talented photographer in flickr
    i love his photos and his processing just blow me away....I also like reading his comments he always knows how to draw a smile on everybody's face :P
    Not to mention tha he's a father of the most adorable and beautiful kid i've ever seen ( Aiden) .. I simply love this boy :) God bless him .."

    January 25th, 2008

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    lifeisBuddhaful says:

    "Jueno/Riceball/Leon is a photographic inspiration to me. Everyday his stream gets more rich, diverse, and awe-inspiring while maintaining a uniquely "Leon" flavor to them*.

    *Note I have not actually tasted his photos but I am sure if they did have a "Leon" flavor they would taste like Starbucks."

    January 25th, 2008

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    ◊emma says:

    "Leon's photos are amazing. They make me laugh, smile, gasp and more than anything else they inspire me which is one of the reasons why I love Leon's work. He has a real eye for photography and can capture something dull and turn it into a masterpiece. He also has a wonderful sense of humor which he also brings out in his photographs. He is creative, funny and leaves such encouraging comments. Plus! He loves Starbucks...come on people, what's not to like about this guy?"

    January 20th, 2008

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    {soulbella} says:

    "Jueno is the kind of person who will make you smile in an instant when you don't think you can. He has a fabulous sense of humor and a heart of gold. I love stopping by his stream to get a dose of laughter, friendship and inspiration. His photographs are always so amazing and how can you not love him? Starbucks or bust, baby! ;o)"

    January 19th, 2008

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    Linhy says:

    "Jueno, your photos are what I would called the 3 C's : Creative, Colorful and Passionate!! I smile and giggle every time I visit your stream ... and my heart fills with great joy every single time I see a new photo of Aidan. He's the coolest kid on the block.

    The challenges are fun btw."

    January 18th, 2008

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    izzyplayle says:

    "Jueno's photos are a true inspiration. He captures beautiful moments in life, funny and heart-warming =)"

    January 14th, 2008

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    Nicolas Welzl says:

    "I really don't know how you do it. You have a magical camera and a good eye to make such simple things stand out so very BRILLIANTLY. Its amazing. Its just amazing."

    January 3rd, 2008

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    `Sara.B says:

    "Jueno !
    The *Starbucks Freak* hehehe =pP
    He's ony of my Best photographers around flickr. Seriously, he has such an eye to capture the small details and their power.. LOVELY ! =D
    In short,I Loved every single shoot in your photostream.. especially Edi's !! The cutest baby ever ! May God Bless him =)

    Keep u your good work ;)"

    December 9th, 2007

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    ~Kell~ {Live Laugh Love Photography} says:

    "His stream makes me smile every single day.
    He is a wonderful photographer and a wonderful friend. I am so glad we have met on Flickr. His shots are beautiful and I just love his editing. I love the "Jueno" style so very much. And his love of Starbucks makes me smile :) ."

    December 6th, 2007

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