My main purpose in being on Flickr is to share my own photos and enjoy those of others. I appreciate comments freely given. I'll continue to post to certain groups relevant to my photography and if you happen to come across a photo of mine and want to fave it, I'll consider that compliment enough and I hope you will feel the same way if I fave one of yours but do not comment. .

I delight in seeing your photos each day offering me a little glimpse into your world. However, if you're one of my contacts, I don't expect you to comment on every single photo of mine every day and give me awards I probably don't really deserve nor will I be commenting on every photo I view every day.

That is all. Cheers!

I'm a Taurus/Horse
Element: Earth
Favourite colors: pink, torquoise blue, orange
Flower: Lilly of the Valley
Gems: Emerald and Pearl
Planet: Venus
Symbol: Butterfly
Favourite Season: Autumn
Married: Twice
Children: 3; Granchildren: 5
Music: Eclectic - I like most music
Religion: No way
Favourite Bird: Robin
Favourite Animal: Horse
Favourite Insect: Dragonfly
Favourite Fish: Smoked Salmon

Some rights are reserved on my photos but under no circumstances may they be used by other than me for commercial purposes.

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    Bob.Fornal says:

    "Most of what I have seen of Jeanne's photograph has been of beautiful flowers and chilly winter scenes ... then I thought to myself, what more do we need. The images are stunning, and despite all the snow, warm in that small-town way than seems to get left behind at times.

    Keep up the excellent work!"

    January 25th, 2007

April 2005
I am: