I live in Wales, which is one of the most beautiful places to be.(I'm now 47), I have had my children and bought them up in this wonderful rural area, yet just minutes away from beaches.
Now my children are no longer children, I have got Ridgebacks.
We had a wonderful dog, Baz, until a couple of years ago when he died - and he was a hard act to follow, but our ridgebacks Angus and Gwennon are just amazing. We also have a cat, Bliss.
I love my camera - and I love taking photographs, probably because there are so many images out there to capture - that I just wish I could carry it everywhere (tho I take it most places with me).
Having Ridgebacks - we go to many places and walk so there are many opportunities to take pictures of all these wonderful places around me.

Due to back injury - I am now on crutches - but it doesnt stop me from trying to do all the things I want to do. Admittedly I cannot walk as far - or fast - but I still gotta have exercise (like my dogs) - so I still get out and about and all over wales.

I refuse to let a little thing like disability stop me from having fun. Stubborn - thats me haha

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Anything and everything is possible.
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    www.flickr.com/photos/photographbychris says:

    "Joysaphine thank you for sharing many wonderful inside your Flickr photos files. I really loves and enjoys viewing flowers and insects tooks by you. You are a trurly good photographer.
    Thanks you for being a good Flickr friend.
    I do expect many wondeful photos from you .... soon
    Chris W"

    September 24th, 2008

April 2008
I am:
Female and Taken
part time vet nurse - no longer - disabled now