I started taking photos at age 70 and discovered Flickr. 100 000 photos and 12 years later... I love Flickr even more. Thanks all for + 12 million hits, I can hardly believe.
Life is beautiful and so much to do, learn and experience at any age! NEVER TOO LATE.

Believing on learning on line, I created the !AFTERCLASS! a Masterclass in photography in which so many have participated for 60 month and 60 different aspects of photography studied! !afterclass! group, So much wisdom and examples. Any new workshop leader to addd to it? Come, read, add to it your take on our themes.

My French blog Il y a de la vie après 70 ans I wrote in it day by day for 10 years. My English blog has links to my stories voice and videos of my stories and gigs,CompetentComunicator as well as examples I liked to learn from.

A Hungarian, born in Transylvania, I lived in France 45 years.
Arrived from Paris to London in 2008, I am active in Toastmasters Public Speaking clubs, storytelling from my life with Spark London, and lately, Standup comedy (707+ gigs now) I create workshops and coach, of personal storytelling or comedy.

I spend lots of time on Flickr : it is wonderful to meet people from so many places in the world! and a very good place to learn too!
Your encouragements and comments are important to me. But even if no one would look at them, I believe I'll take some more anyway.

I have created the following groups:

First group I created as I like books and to read
people reading group every age, everywhere, and
never too old group to show how many things people do still at our (their) age
strangers no more photos of people we did not know but get to know better, before or after taking their pictures

Having lived from inside the micro-computing revolution from 1979, I discovered two years ago blogging and flickr. I writing diary for 60 years, but making photos I took up only three years ago and I am still learning.

My young ages diary here As a book

With my pictures, I take also try to tell stories.
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    Dear Catastrophe Waitress says:

    "I've been following Julie's photo posts and lovely views of the world since about 2006. I am fortunate to have met someone like Julie, even if we are far away from each other and through the magic of pictures."

    December 21st, 2012

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    Brenda Anderson says:

    "I've been following Julie on Flickr now for about 10 years! I really enjoy her perspective on life."

    January 11th, 2015

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    AmiyaKumar says:

    "Julie, you make me happy.
    I live far away from my friends and family. Possibly as far a human can be in this world. It is easy for me to get bogged down feel alone or alienated. Maybe I am the sensitive type. Never thought so but I realise now. I have to admit I smile and laugh lot lesser than I used to. And at 27 years, the curiosity towards the unknown is waning fast.
    But then I see you, and there is hope. The glint in your eyes and the things those eyes see through a lens lift me up. It makes me smile. I don't know you but its what you invoke in me is what i am so thankful to you for. For what its worth, Thank you."

    November 1st, 2011

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    pjsixft ("PJ") says:

    " Altho I have only just met Julie here thru' her photos, I know an OLD SOUL when I see one.. and her gift for catching the spirit of faces is awesome. I love her spit and vinegar (as my mother used to call it)... spunk, her gift and her gentleness.
    After knowing her here on Flickr for several years... today I am just learning about what she went thru' in her childhood and it brings me such awe and admiration for the elder that she is for me. PJ"

    October 23rd, 2010

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    Viejito says:

    "You only started taking photos around age 70?!!! I would have thought, with a name like Kertész, you would have been born with a camera around your neck...;-)"

    January 4th, 2010

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    trite shock says:

    " Bonne et heureuse annee 2010 !!
    Tes photos sont tres belles !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    January 1st, 2010

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    babasteve says:

    "What an inspiration Julie is! She is a constant learner, as well as a constant encourager! Her !afterclass! group is amazing, and I have enjoyed participating in it so much. Thank you, Julie, for who you are and all you mean to Flickr!"

    December 30th, 2008

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    *~Yogini~Astra~* says:

    I found Julie's stream by chance and I am happy that I did. I love seeing Paris and now London through her eyes and learn about Julie's life and the people in it. Julie is amazing! A woman full of spirit, curiosity, appetite for life and courage, very inspirational!!!"

    August 29th, 2008

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    Ranj Niere says:

    "Julie70 shares a last name with a famous Hungarian photographer Andor Kertész. But that is not all. M. Kertész was a consummate street photographer with a fine eye for the moment and composition.

    So, for that matter is Julie70"

    January 19th, 2008

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    iNancy iMages says:

    "Julie loves to explore - people, places, new ideas. Late in life she takes up photography and begins photographing everything around her. At 70 she does a series of self-portraits. She leads several groups, one of them !afterclass!, where we met. She is both stern head master and the playful explorer. I love working with Julie, her fearless exploration with her trusty camera uncovers many unexpected surprises. If Julie can do it, so can I!"

    October 13th, 2007

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    Danièle M. says:

    "J'aime beaucoup les photos de Julie - et ses blogues. Mais comment elle trouve le temps de faire tout ça??? J'espère avoir autant d'énergie quand j'aurai le même âge!"

    February 11th, 2007

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    Bête à Bon-Dieu says:

    "Ce que je souhaite vieillir comme Julie ! Toujours profiter de la vie et s'amuser. Quelle energie !!"

    January 25th, 2007

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    francois et fier de l'Être says:

    "Prenez le temps de la connaître, elle en vaut vraiment le coup. C'est "une belle âme"."

    October 5th, 2006

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    Alp Delacroix says:

    "Julie show with her photos her vitality and experiencie. For luck I found her photos one day while I surf in Flickr and I fall in love for her way of mind. She´s a excellent women we can learn a lot of things. I wish the best for Julie."

    June 1st, 2006

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    caring_litz says:

    ""i will be 50 on 2nd day of march, and i want to continue living like Julie Kertesz who exhibits a spirit with enthusiasm that belies her age, that we tend to think of people in their early 70's.I marvel the way she relishes with strangers. She posted more than 7,500
    pictures on flickr which pay tribute to the art of photography. She gaves me the opportunity reflecting myself of what i have done and still to be done as life goes on...""

    February 7th, 2006

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    ~My aim is true~ says:

    "I had the opportunity to live in Paris for 10 months several years ago, and Julie's photos are like going back every day. She takes pictures of the most beautiful daily things - people, markets, signs - that make Paris what it is. Thank you, Julie.

    J'avais l'occasion de passer dix mois a Paris il y a quelques annees, et les photos de Julie me font penser a Paris tous les jours. Elle fait des photos des plus jolis objets quotidiens - les gens, les marches, les signes - qui representent Paris comme elle est. Je vous remercie mille fois, Julie.

    NB - Excusez SVP mon francais HORRIBLE."

    November 29th, 2005

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    Jacques C. says:

    "Quelle santé Julie, quelle activité ! Tu es une bonne spectatrice du monde, attentive, enthousiaste. Tu regardes tout, tu te souviens de beaucoup de choses, tu partages."

    July 29th, 2005

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    Gankaku says:

    "From my little suburban home in America, I have the wonderful opportunity of seeing life in daily France through Julie's eyes. Her photos of every day life and people are so down to earth it's refreshing! Her photos make you feel comfortable. I always feel like I'm going on a walk with her and chatting while we're taking in the daily life of people and places around us. Her images are a gift to me."

    May 27th, 2005

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    Caféine says:

    "Julie, j’aime ton dynamisme.
    Ton regard tendre, et ta présence.
    Merci Julie pour cette leçon de vie"

    May 2nd, 2005

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    Barrybar says:

    "Julie70 celebrates her age as she celebrates life and the living of it. She’s a role-model, though I doubt she realizes it, to people of all ages who desire to lead full and active lives of learning and doing. Just past 70, Julie has more than 1,350 pictures on Flickr, all of which pay tribute to the art of photography, which prompted me to ask her if she were related to the famous Hungarian photographer, Andre Kertesz.

    In addition, Julie70 administers the group, People Reading and maintains not one, but two blogs, Il y a de la vie après 70 ans and a journal Histoire d'une stage (1) which addresses her life since age 10. Makes me want to learn French just to read it, though I suspect a very painful experience during the era of the Nazis, then the Communists.

    Julie70 exhibits a spirit that belies her age, as we tend to think of people in their 70’s, and I marvel at her enthusiasm, the way in which she relishes meeting strangers and sharing her enthusiasm with them. I will be 67 on 11 May, and when I grow up I want to be just like Julie Kertesz."

    April 30th, 2005

Julie Kertesz
February 2005
Cluj, Kolozsvar in Roumania
London, United Kingdom
I am:
Competent Communicator
kerteszjulika [at] gmail.com