I'm a former journalist with experience as an editor, reporter, photographer, paginator and Web geek. I've worked at small newspapers and large trade publications, winning awards all along the way. Now I'm a fan of the saying "Those who can, do. Those who have been there and done that teach."

I'm a washed-up wanna-be punk rocker. I've broken bread with cockfighters and drank Budweiser with rodeo clowns. I sealed my fate as a dork the day I laughed at a joke about binary. That doesn't mean I won't punch you in the face at a punk rock show or on the hockey rink.

A police officer once maced me while I was covering a KKK rally. I'm still recovering emotionally from the day I was mistaken for Arn Jacobsen.

Every now and then Joe Novak refers to himself in the third person. Other times, when he's had a few too many glasses of bourbon, his southern accent comes back.

One of my best friends carries a gun, another makes really tasty sandwiches. My wife is 5'11" and makes me feel like a midget when she wears heels. Any hope of making another relationship-related decision died the day she named our puppy Ginny Weasley.

This of course is only the tip of the iceberg. I've lived quite a life already, which may be why I'm so tired all the time. Hit me up with a message if you want to know more.

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Joseph Novak
June 2007
Livonia, Mich.
Canton, Mich., USA
I am:
Male and Taken
Software Trainer/Installer
Joseph Novak
joseph_novak [at] hotmail.com