Mexico-City born Jorge Ayala founded [Ay]A in 2011.
[Ay]A Studio is a global design laboratory based in Paris committed to cutting edge research and material experimentation across scales. Through computational tactics and physical innovation, [Ay]A tailors Architecture to different disciplines: art, chemistry, landscape urbanism, engineering, marketing, editorial, as well as product and clothing design.
In 2013 Ayala –not to be confused with Azzedine Alaïa famous high fashion designer- expanded his entrepreneurial ambition to Jorge Ayala Paris, a new architectural paradigm to clothing design.

In 2010, after his studies at the Architectural Association School, Jorge became the Founder and Director of AAtelier, the Architectural Association Programme in Paris, headquartered at Les Arts Décoratifs (107 rue de Rivoli, 75001). Labelled f(AA)shions, Building Fashion, Post-McQueen Embryos, Designing Desire, Fashion Arena, Re-inventing Shoes and Digital Authenticity, Ayala’s intensive design-based atelier focuses exclusively on novel production to the fashion + architecture praxis, alternative clothing - accessory morphologies and apparel strategies. Since 2012, AA’s Parisian workshop collaborates with luxury inventiveness market-leader Louis Vuitton and architectural footwear innovator United Nude.

Ayala is part of the forward-thinking 9th ArchiLab Naturaliser l’Architecture Exhibition, FRAC Région Centre Fonds Regional d’Art Contemporain in Orléans, France. Reconfiguring the conflictual convergence of clothing and architecture as a binomium, Ayala proposes his processual prototyping relying on both high and low-technologies. Organized on the basis of the periodic table (Mendeleïev), Cabinet of Post-digital Curiosities showcases a collection of “physical species” going beyond digital processes, adopting and adapting to human silhouette.

In 2011, Jorge Ayala became the youngest juror in history at the Royal Institute for British Architects RIBA Presidents Medals Awards, broadly regarded as the best architectural education award worldwide. Since 2008, Jorge has lectured internationally and led workshops in the United Kingdom, United States, China, Iran, Mexico, Costa Rica, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Sweden, Italy, and Canada among others.

Jorge Ayala is a registered Architect at the ARB Architects Registration Board, and registered Architecte DPLG at l’Ordre des Architectes Ile de France. His work has been featured widely in ArchiManual (Bruce Lan Publishers), Contemporary Digital Architecture: Design & Techniques (Links Publisher), Journal Libération, DASH Magazine, l’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui and many online and printed publications.

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Jorge Ayala
August 2008
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