Thanks for stopping by! If you didn't notice, my name is Jon Ridinger. I have been on Flickr now for a number of years and while I enjoy taking pictures and generally documenting life, my focus on this page, at least lately, is that of sports facilities, in particular, getting panoramic views of the many stadiums and arenas I visit wherever I travel. I have always had an interest in sports architecture, so I make it a point to visit sporting events and/or facilities in as many cities as possible. My ultimate dream is to visit every Major League Baseball ballpark. I also enjoy architecture in general and nearly went into architecture as a career choice and enjoy studying it as a hobby.

My other areas of interest are sports themselves (huge fan of my local Northeast Ohio teams like the Indians, Browns, Cavaliers as well as my alma mater Kent State Golden Flashes and the Ohio State Buckeyes), music, theater, editing and writing Wikipedia articles, writing in general, and history. My best role in sports is that of anthem singer, something I have done dozens of times at all different kinds of sporting events, even professionally! I love [playing sports, but let's keep it real: I'm terrible at them!

I have several photos posted for use on Wikipedia and have seen a number of my photos featured in articles both in and out of Wikipedia. I'm by no means a professional photographer, but I know enough about lighting and positioning to get the best out of my iPhone and Canon point-and-shoot cameras.

On that note, I try to license my photos with Creative Commons, meaning you are free to use the photos, but I simply ask that you attribute them to me. That's all! While it would be nice to know where the photo is being used, if it's properly attributed, that's all I can ask. It's not only courteous, but professional.

My background is in music education and I hold a BA in Music and a Master of Arts in Teaching in Secondary Education, both from Kent State University. I also spent three years studying at Brigham Young University-Idaho. Currently I'm a substitute teacher in multiple districts and I teach private beginning piano, theory, and voice lessons. I am also a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (aka Mormons) and really enjoy studying church history and visiting the many church history sites here in Northeast Ohio and around the country.

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