As a visual artist, photographer, fine art printmaker and web application developer working in Colorado since 1993, I began creating luminograms around that time. These are paintings made on photosensitive film with darkroom chemicals to create a variety of images based in nature.


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  • jon-lybrook-changing_states-lg by Jon Lybrook
  • Aikido Flow by Jon Lybrook
  • I Advance Kirkland by Jon Lybrook
  • Cosmos by Jon Lybrook
  • Footprint by Jon Lybrook
  • Kanji by Jon Lybrook
  • Tony Levin's Living Room by Jon Lybrook
  • Polar Attraction by Jon Lybrook

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Jon Lybrook
June 2011
Boulder, USA
I am:
Male and Taken
Artist and web Developer
Jon Lybrook's Lytescapes Imagery and Design