I'm a Christian and my faith is an integral part of my life. I live in Oregon, having returned to the Pacific Northwest from Northern California just a few years ago. I have two grown daughters. One lives in Georgia, where she's pursuing her PhD at UGA, and the other here in Oregon where she works as the Customer Relationship Marketing Manager for one of the nation's largest jewelers.

I appreciate and enjoy your comments, faves, and invites, but will not post to a group that requires comments or faves from their pool. Not that I couldn't find photos worthy of those, but I've found that when I participate in those groups, it becomes an obligation and another pressure to my life! As best as I'm able, I like to keep life simple! (Often easier said than done!) :)



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    lynnieb says:

    "I have always found the Christmas season to be a time of reflection; a time to be thankful for the birth of our Saviour and for showing our appreciation for all the wonderful blessings in our lives. I have found Joanne to be one of those blessings. She has a strong sense of faith and keeps her eyes focused on the Lord, an inspiration to all.

    JoJo’s photos are excellent in composition…..captivating and a joy to view. Her sense of humor will warm your heart and keep you smiling…..quite the ‘wordsmith’.

    During this very special season, I wanted to make a point to let you know how much your work and words are appreciated, Joanne! Thank you!"

    December 9th, 2006

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    Dave - aka Emptybelly says:

    "It is always a pleasure for me when I come over to visit Joanne's photostream... The photos exude her love for God and her love of photography... View her photos with open eyes, and be ready for the happiness and joy that comes from seeing them - either when you are happy or when you are sad... The comments she leaves are full of encouragement and friendship, and for this I am gratelful and appreciative..."

    November 2nd, 2006

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    june_c_oka says:

    "She has very warmly, gently heart. And all of her pictures are included the filter of her innner mind. It's like some kind of the sweet sugar or clear water or...

    I really LOVE her collections and hope she will keep uploading her works. Ireally enjoy seeing yours!!

    Best Wishes,
    june from Japan"

    March 19th, 2006

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