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Photography for me is about capturing a moment in time in a place I was. All pictures are worth saving, some better than others. You decide for yourself!


All my pictures are taken with either a Pentax Zoom 70x or Canon EOS 5 and scanned using a hp scanjet 2200c.

All digital pictures with:

Fuji Finepix F11

Canon G12

Nikon Coolpix

Pro account since in June '06.

Other pics from Android tablet (since 2011)


I like travelling to lots of places. So my pics will be like a travelog. However, I do have some favourite themes.


I have set up another dedicated gallery here.


Some of my favourite stuff around the web:

º This site is worth a look if you like night shots Tokyo at Night


º Aerial photography: Yann Arthus-Bertrand


º Play the flickr tag game


º Play with some flickr toys


º Great collection of old British places


Note: My sets are marked with (H) for Home - pics near home and (A) Away - for pics from my travels. Or not!


On my travels:

Countries visitedMake yours @ BigHugeLabs.comMake yours @

Previous buddy icon created by butchrobotpope - Edwin Starr said it: "War, what is it good for, absolutely nothing, say it again..."


Aquired a Fuji Finepix S20Pro second hand (May 2007) which has since broken :-(


Penultimate buddy icon for missing Madeleine [Official site]


Former buddy icon for the

Chilean miners

Glad they all made it out ok!


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I got some cards done there. Very nice!

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