1. A photograph exists in the moment of forgetting

2. Photographs, in order to show me their lack of existence, become mine

3. In looking for it, photographs stop wanting what they’re looking for

4. What appears behind the footlights of the city is not so much a photograph as the photographer living out the impossibility of living in the photograph

5. If photography could expose everything, its power structures wouldn’t need explication

6. What images pay for with their ‘lives’ never costs very much

7. When I seem to be looking at your photos, they seem to be mine, with you looking

8. A photograph comes to you (its only actor), and leaves you (its only spectator)

9. Photography enhances the subject until subjectivity vanishes into its own excesses

10. We could play an intriguing symbolic game that makes photographs more human (by showing the subject’s mask slipping)

Street photography is the capture in photographic images of unmediated human activities that reveal a community to itself, preferably symbolically, usually in an urban setting (though not necessarily outdoors), and often in an ironic way. The picture will be visually compelling and emotionally powerful.

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  • The ambivalence of image making is the delusion of truth by Johnny [Shakedown]

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July 2007
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