Hello and welcome to my corner of the Flickr world!

I've had the great pleasure to have some grand adventures and plenty of less grand but still greatly enjoyable experiences. Generally, my adventures usually involved my terrific friends Sherri, Bob, or Mike, but occasionally other friends show up as well. I've set up this Flickr account to share these opportunities with you.

I am definitely an amateur photographer, and sometimes the quality of the photos reflect this fact. The first photos I posted on this site were shot with a Nikon Coolpix 800 (which met a painful death on a ceramic tile bathroom floor the second day we were in Peru). Then came a progression of Nikon DSLR cameras; the D50, D80, D7000 (which was a real workhorse with the majority of photos here and is now my backup camera), the D750 (which was stolen on a trip to Chile) and my current pride and joy -- a Nikon D500 digital SLR. I also use a now-ancient Canon SD 600 ELPH that serves as a backup camera (or the one I use when I just want to slip a camera into my pocket and not carry the big Nikon around my neck). Eventually, I'll post some pictures of Peru that were taken with my 1970 Minolta SRT 101 film SLR, which was my primary camera for decades and still does excellent work.

About the pictures, I generally don't do prints. Your local camera shop can certainly do a better job of printing these than I can. Take this page along to show that I've given them permission.

These photographs are available for any non-commercial use without permission (folks who wish to use them commercially should contact me; I usually give permission.) Most were taken (or scanned) at approximately 3000 x 2000, regardless of the dimensions of the Flickr photo; ask if you'd like me to replace a specific photograph with a larger copy. I try to respond to those requests promptly.

So click back and enjoy the photos! If you see any that are mislabeled, please let me know. And If you have comments or questions, please send them my way.

Thanks for viewing my photos!

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