Once upon a time, not so very long ago, I ran a number of groups on Flickr in which thousands of people posted, and I still sort of do, but not with the enthusiasm or dedication that I once did. Having volunteered a great deal of my time to build up communities on this site, I discovered that neither the company nor my membership valued my efforts or had the least bit of respect for what I was trying to do. This was not a happy discovery, but it was one that I needed to make.

See this account as my effort to glean something of value from an experience that I'm not sure I wish I ever had. Many of the people I moderated for were not such nice people, but they and others did produce a lot of beautiful work which now rests in some interesting little archives. My photostream could be seen as an non-plagiaristic homage to those archives. I'll study the work my members submitted, learn from it and then go out and take a few shots that I hope will be effectively inspired by what they did.

The name "The Brutal Regime" is a mocking reference to claims made by some very entitled former members of my groups that I was running a sort of virtual North Korea, after I did horrible things like not let somebody submit a photo of his back yard to an astronomy group or refuse to invite somebody along on a late night photowalk after he talked about his fondness for gouging out eyes. If that was all that the Kim regime ever did to people, I have to think that Pyongyang's relations with its neighbors would be far better. The complaint was absurd, so I'm going to laugh about it.

The affiliated blog will be about some of my photography and other things - maybe little bits about despots in history as part of the joke? I'm still deciding. Just keep in mind that my experience as an admin is winding down, so the source of material for my inspiration (if it turns out to deserve that word) will be finite. All blogs and photostreams can be expected to end someday, usually just because somebody gets tired of posting, but in this case the end can be more clearly seen from the beginning. When I run out of old photos from my old groups to look at and study, I'm done. I'll go on and do other things.

Flickr is free, so I'll leave the photos up, but I'll probably only be shooting here for a few years before the time comes to say goodbye, at least to that blog and anybody following this account.


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