I am high school teacher and a photo enthusiast. I enjoy scenic photography, nature, and landscapes. I love to photograph in Alabama and Georgia.

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  • Thanksgiving Has Wings. by Esther Spektor - Thanks for 12+millions views..
  • Good Morning...!!! by Esther Spektor - Thanks for 12+millions views..
  • DSC_0096 by ¡Sergio!
  • valley of dreams,Axkis by NESIHO
  • fountain of a  burnt village.(Kanîya Lewo). by NESIHO

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    Camelot5 says:

    "First of all I'm not a good writer but Jamar deserves my effort. I came across Jamar's stream several months ago when I was looking to expand on flickr. His masterful landscape scenes were what first caught my attention. I learned from him how I wanted to frame and execute these types of shots. That was just the beginning. I hear talk about photography being an expression of one's soul. Well, from Jamar that is so true!! Emotion just pours from his work. Shots taken with his father really touched my heart and made me wish I was more like him. Shots with his students made me wish my kids would have been one of them. Jamar is so much more than a great photographer. He is undoubtedly a terrific human being and all of us can and do learn much about being a person by following his examples. Jamar's humility is such that he doesn't even know how good his work is. He is an inspiration to me with, or without, a camera in his hands.

    I am so proud to call him my friend!!!!!!"

    April 3rd, 2011

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    Pureheart11 says:

    "I remember the first photo I saw of Jamar's; it was of a still life in MyWinners group...it was a day that I went to page 4 before finding a second image to award, and there it was...Jamar's still life...beautiful light on the scene, I'll never forget it...and also that it was photographed in his garage with items he had picked up at second hand stores.

    My friend, you have such variety in your 'stream; it's always a delight to visit because I know I'll be in for a treat. Your enthusiasm is boundless in your variety of subjects and how you process them...and your own commentary; always love seeing how you feel about your images.

    You're an encourager of others....I know from first hand experience. I appreciate what you have done for me. You've got a good heart Jamar, and that counts for a lot with me.

    Now hurry back from your month away...!!! ~ Pat"

    January 27th, 2011

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    Renée L says:

    "Jamar, j'aime ta façon de photographier ! Tu as une façon bien à toi de voir les choses qui nous entourent, tu nous les fais découvrir avec splendeur et simplicité. Tu sais les mettre en valeur par tes encadrements. J'aime beaucoup. Surtout ne change pas !

    Jamar, I like your way of photographing! You have a good way to you to see the things which surround us, you make them to us discover with magnificence and simplicity. You know how to emphasize them by your frames. I like very much. Especially do not change!

    April 7th, 2010

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    janelle_stephens says:

    "Jamar is such a wonderful photographer, and if you want to learn many things about photography, visit his photostream and you won't be disappointed.

    His work shines through his ability to frame an image beautifuly to highlight the subject of his photo. Using colours you hadn't thought to look for, his frames draw you into every photo.

    Over the last year I have witnessed such a growth in Jamar's photography that leaves me in awe. He demonstrates perfection for the rules of composition through floral photography and landscape photography. He lightly touched on portrait photography and what he has shown, is truely inspiring. He has a beautiful way of capturing his subject. I only wish we lived closer so he could take my portrait.

    Jamar is a man with a huge heart, offering many sparks of wisdom in his comments. Jamar offers much inspiration and it is with this that I am proud to say he is a friend.

    Many wishes for a healthy future,

    December 26th, 2009

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    NESIHO says:


    master of framing.. makes special his images just with one frame.. Inspire color and very naturally photographer..All his words on his comments very very sincere and naked nature as well as his images..Let say just like some real words of a poet about life..comes direct from his heart ..There is always one delicate point on image which gives you pleasure to look them..
    Jamar Cotton..
    you are a real honest (Mister).. I am glad to have privilege of seing you stream...

    life is a river
    and time is the water of that river......
    ones it has gone, there is no way come back at same point....

    With all my respect..

    Nesiho Asirak"

    December 1st, 2009

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    **Ms Judi**♥ says:

    "Jamar is a beautiful person and an awesome photographer.
    He is a treasured friend and always inspiring .. Please a take a moment to to view his wonderful work.. YOU will not be sorry...

    Thank you Jamar for all that do and all that you are...
    Wishing you good health , happiness and many blessings my friend..
    Ms Judi ( hugs)"

    June 2nd, 2009

Jamar Cotton
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