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Thank you for visiting my profile :).
I hope you enjoy my photostream. Since I'm just an amateur photographer, I'm very pleased with any comment, favorite or addition of one of my images to a gallery. For me flickr is just for fun. That's why I offer almost every image under CC licence. In return for this "generousity" I'd like credit for my work or a little note so I can see what blog/site you're using my images on. Please do not harvest my images and sell them! That's not what the CC-licence is ment for.

ADMIN-/MOD-invites only please! I also appreciate every invitation I get to post an image in a group. However, Flickr has a policy that discourages becoming a member of a group: if you're a member of more than 50 groups, your image gets a penalty and has less chance to get on Explore. Since I have a broad interest -animalphotography, photomanipulation, the great war and making textures- I easily exceed that critical number. Also, I lose track very easily with all these groups in which I sometimes only post one picture. That's why I accept only ADMIN- or MOD-invites to groups (these are the blue buttons which I can click to add an image to the pool).

If you can't provide an admin-/mod-invite and you still would love to see my image in a group, you can ask the admin or moderator to send me an admin-/mod-invite.

You can rest assured I will follow the rules of the group, but I won't automatically join up. I don't agree with the Flickr policy, but that's the way it is ...

Exceptions. Of course there are exceptions to the above mentioned. Just look at the list of groups I'm a member of, and you can check if I'll accept a member-invitation or not.

If you have any questions, remarks, ... just Flickrmail me. I won't bite (if I had my breakfast ;-) !) !!

I hope you have lots of fun :)) !!

Hugs from Holland :),
Linda (jinterwas)

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November 2008
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