Well, the designers at Flickrbook® from Yahoo!® have decided to change everybody's profile page, without prior consultation, and without warning.

For some strange reason they think that placing photos of me that others have tagged around the site on my profile is a Good Thing, and don't give me the option of switching this off. Thankfully I don't have a vengeful ex who could abuse this feature, but I wonder how many other users out there have been (and are being) harmed by this change.

They seem to think that My Favorite (sic) photos should also appear on my profile, though they are not my own work, and haven't given me the option of turning them off.

So, my apologies if my Profile says more about other users on Flickrbook® from Yahoo!®, but that seems to be how the current administration want it. Every single day that I use this site, I feel I understand more and more why its founders Stuart Butterfield and Caterina Fake left it. It's sad to see a community which once so coherent being ruined by poor administrative decisions.

I left Fotolog after I felt that its staff were not paying enough attention to its users and I'm now, sadly, getting the same feeling from Flickrbook® from Yahoo!®. I'm starting to look at different photo sharing sites, both in Portuguese and English. If anybody has any suggestions, please drop me a Flickrbook mail.

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    Tampen says:

    "I keep trying not to look at Jim's stream, on account of his deeply upsetting subject matter, so I suppose it's a tribute to his excellence as a photographer that I'm prepared to brave his frightening cat shots in order not to miss his wonderful portrayals of Rio and the other places he visits. There are also some fabulous portraits in his stream, and that impossible shot of the smoking stunt plane is for my money the best action photo that's ever appeared on Flickr. He's one of our finest, and though I shall bitterly regret writing this, I think he once posted a cat shot I liked, as well."

    February 1st, 2009

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    Kristina J. says:

    "I've been following Jim's work from early fotolog days and he has been inspiring me and awing me with his photos ever since.
    Mind you, it helps that the bugger lives in hotter, more photogenic country than I do. :P"

    May 1st, 2007

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    SteveFE says:

    "I seem to have known Jim here for ever. Although transplanted to a different culture and climate, he still seems to retain a peculiarly gritty and dry wit that could only have originated in the rain-drenched North of the ould sod.

    As a photographer, he's one of those versatile buggers who can do landscapes, portraits, macros and urban stuff with equal facility and style. A jack of all trades and master of most of them too."

    December 10th, 2006

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    sous les pavés, la plage says:

    "Without doubt, Jim is one of those very rare persons that manage to elevate the very common "torch lit cat hunts bug on flower in dramatic storms" shot into a true work of art.
    Before you set sail and take course to his stream, let me just very quickly tell you that he is topless all the time - I believe it will add to your viewing pleasure."

    March 9th, 2006

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    dooda says:

    "Jim's personality somehow really shines through in his thoughtful photos. His thoughtful commentary that is given unequivically to all that ask truly is an example to all, and is a great example of his desire to serve photography and enthusiasts. Enjoy his photos, then go to deleteme and enjoy his sharp mind. You won't regret it."

    October 1st, 2005

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    tarotastic says:

    "I'm constantly impressed by the insightful, intelligent and reasoned comments that Jim makes. I consider him to be one of the most valuable assets of the Deleteme group! His photostream is also interesting and very diverse, as Jim seems to be well travelled and very interested in the world around him."

    September 9th, 2005

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    kimberkit says:

    "At DeleteMe (that highly controversial and nasty group of critics), I learned that Jim was always unfailingly kind, constructive, and quite brilliantly accurate with all of his critical commentary. Browsing through Jim's photostream, I learned that Jim is a brilliant and, more unusually, an incredibly diverse photographer. He not only captures landscapes and macros well, but does an excellent job on abstracts and the odd photo of his cat. One wonders how that's possible, but he does it."

    September 8th, 2005

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    Jezmin says:

    "When I grow up I want to be like Jim."

    July 9th, 2005

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    Kalense Kid says:

    "Jim is truly one of the greats in flickr. His wise and witty comments are inevitably accurate, and I have rapidly come to regard him as an authority with a keen and critical eye. His own photos are interesting and thoughtful.

    Of course, this all makes his inexplicable love of Lomo even more puzzling...

    But despite this odd quirk, Jim is a person I would really like to meet one day."

    July 7th, 2005

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    First Contact says:

    "I met Jim in the controversial "deleteme!" group. His wise @rse, but mostly witty, comments didn't go unnoticed. I was forced to view his photos while dutifully casting votes, but I'm glad for it! This is how I discovered his photostream which contains tonnes of amazing photos. Go and see for youselves!"

    June 20th, 2005

Jim Skea
October 2004
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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