I am an amateur wildlife photographer living in Berkeley, California. I have been taking photos of animals since I was 7 (a long time ago). Hopefully I have improved since then! (If not me improving, at least shooting with current digital equipment beats shooting at ISO 10 which was the only slide film when I started!)

My main interests are whales, wild canids and birds. In my free time, I do research on North Pacific Right Whales (Eubalaena japonica). In the past I served as the volunteer webmaster for the IUCN Canid Specialist Group, a group of 70+ scientists from around the world who monitor the status of all wild canid species other than grey wolves. As an offshoot of this work, I started a group on Flickr called Field Guide: Wild Canids of the World which you should check out.

Several of my photos have been featured on wwww.ARKive.org. I have had photos published in National Wildlife magazine, the American Bird Conservancy annual report, Birding, iBird and several books (Mammals of the World, Maritimes Breeding Bird Atlas, ), and used by museums and researchers in the U.S. South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

I like traveling, most recently to polar regions (Svalbard, New Zealand's subantarctic islands) and the neotropics (Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Colombia) amongthe 41 countries I have visited so far.

If you want to use one of my photos for conservation, research projects, education, I will generally be happy to offer you a license to use that for free if you write me to request permission to use it. People wishing to use one or more of my photos for commercial purposes should write me to negotiate a license.

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  • Yours truly, looking for the mama grizzly, through the snowflakes by Jim Scarff

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Jim Scarff
February 2007
Princeton, New Jersey
Berkeley, CA, USA
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