I am a landscape, underwater and nature photographer residing north of Seattle, Washington after living in Santa Cruz, California, for many years. My journey in photography began with simple snapshots of nature using an old and simple Canon SLR with a couple lens. In the year 2000, I lost that camera. By year's end, I had invested in some higher end Nikon SLR gear and an underwater housing with strobes in order to document the beauty I was seeing while SCUBA diving the kelp forests of California.

In 2008, my inspiration moved to landscape photography, specifically seascapes near my home. The switch from using strobes and fast shutter speeds while diving to tripods, filters, and long shutter speeds was new and exciting and allowed for my creativity to flourish.

In 2010, I partnered up with fellow Santa Cruz landscape photographer, Joshua Cripps to form Sea to Summit Workshops. We offer coastal landscape workshops to the Big Sur and Santa Cruz area as well as Yosemite, Death Valley, and the eastern Sierra Nevada mountains. We welcome you to join us on one of our fun and informative outings!

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Current Gear
Nikon D800 & D800E
Nikon D7100
Nikkor 14-24mm f2.8
Nikkor 16-35mm f4
Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8
Nikkor 70-200mm f4 VR
Nikkor 105mm f2.8 VR
Nikkor 24mm f1.4
Nikkor 50mm f1.4
Tokina 10-17mm fisheye
Sigma 15mm fisheye
Sigma 8mm fisheye

Aquatica Housing for D800 & D7000
Megadome, 8" dome, 4" dome, Flat Port
Ultralight Control Systems arms and clamps
Ikelite DS160 and DS51 strobes and sync cords

Really Right Stuff BH-40 ballhead
Really Right Stuff clamps and plates
Induro CT213 carbon fiber tripod

Lee SW150 Filter Holder for Nikkor 14-24mm
Lee Foundation Holder and 77mm wide angle adapter
Lee .9, .6, and .3 Soft Graduated Neutral Density (GND) Filters
Lee Big Stopper 10-stop ND
Lee .9 Hard GND
Singh-Ray Daryl Benson 3-stop Reverse GND
Singh-Ray Gold-N-Blue Polarizer thin mount
Singh-Ray Vari-ND variable Neutral Density Filter standard mount
B+W ND110 10-stop screw-in Filter standard mount
B+W Kaesemann Polarizer standard mount

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    "Jim is a true master of photography. His work is inspiring in every meaning.
    Thank you for sharing!"

    December 1st, 2010

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    JaveFoto says:

    "I'll start by saying that Jim is the REAL DEAL! Two years ago I was browsing through Flickr and came across his stream. I had to pick-up my jaw from the floor as I looked through his work. I have followed and studied his photography and have learned lots. He is the 1st person I saw add his EXIF info on every shot. This allows others to study and learn from it.

    Not only is he a recognized published photographer he is also a great guy. One would think that a guy with this much talent would not share it. On numerous occasions Jim has gone out of his way to provide answers to my numerous questions. Months ago I had the opportunity to be schooled by him on a workshop and learns tons. Jim looking forward to learning and being inspired by your work. Jave"

    August 20th, 2010

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    amlbuton says:

    "Your pictures really inspiring....
    love them all & thanks for sharing these beautiful view :)"

    April 27th, 2010

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    Raymond Larose -> raylarose.com says:

    "Jim is such a wonderful and creative photographer. I go through his stream almost daily to see his beautiful take on nature - from seascapes to mountains - each one more breath taking than the previous. A true inspiration to my own photography. Keep these beautiful and original shots coming!"

    March 30th, 2010

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    kendra is coming out stronger says:

    "It doesn't get any better or any more real than Jim Patterson's work here. This photostream is a true inspiration.
    Not only is Jim an amazing photographer, but he incredibly generous with his art (and $$$). Thanks for the Pro account!"

    December 4th, 2009

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    dan barron photography - landscape work says:

    "Jim or Mike whichever he prefers is the flickrite I most look forward to seeing new posts from. Whether he takes you on an undersea odyssey or pounds you off the rocks with light and composition he never fails to impress and leave you wanting more. How he doesn't make his living from his art is beyond me because his photos are each and everyone of them touched with genius."

    November 12th, 2009

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    Grizzly D says:

    "I couldn't take my hand off the "Add to Favorites" link. I realized that this whole photo stream is an "Add to Favorites" link. You're perfect with colors."

    September 18th, 2009

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    ►Klaus Allmannsberger Photography says:

    "Jim is a man, there not only takes fantastic photos, rather he paints with a cam! The motives are always great, the lighting and colors are breathtaking, the perspective is every one perfect and very interesting.
    Thank you for share your excellent work Jim!"

    June 27th, 2009

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    stammberger13 says:

    "I just added him and that not without reason his work is sooo inspiring I wanna go out right now and try what he does-take seascape pictures with a luminous/dark atmosphere-love all his work but especially his long exposure seascape pictures-those pictures are real masterpieces!!
    on the weekend when I get my new ND filter I will drive from santa cruz to half moon bay and try some things out-cannot wait longer:)"

    May 4th, 2009

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    raul_pc says:

    "Just had to write this, because youre such a great inspiration to me, Jim... your work is so special and beautiful, and such expertise... and i do really apreciate the fact that you share the technical details behind your images... all the best to you, my virtual friend!
    Greetings from Lisbon..."

    April 1st, 2009

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    ~ Aaron Reed ~ says:

    "Jim's seascapes and underwater photography are breathtaking and beautiful. Exposure control and water movement are top notch. He's a nice guy with a great sense of humor as well, especially after midnight when only the best photogs are up on flickr."

    February 21st, 2009

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    "Viewing Jim's work in town and at the open studios over the past couple years has really been a reminder to me of how beautiful our Bay and coast is and has inspired me to pursue my passion for the capturing of life in digital form! Keep up the great work and thanks so much for sharing. Much love."

    February 19th, 2009

Jim Patterson
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Santa Cruz, CA, USA
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