I`m 52 and Married, and live in Ocean Pines Maryland. I have a bunch of my non-professional photos.

I had 180 large photo albums on Picasa. Then Google bought that online photo galleries site and closed it up. Its like old and "filed" now and I cant change that. But they converted it to Google+ Photos or whatever its called. So I have all my photos thee.......but also now I`m searching Flickr to have options to play with photo storage and sharing options. Anyways, just wanna say about Flickr, that I think it is pretty cool how any Flickr browser can put in any tag, and then how that rockets you into someone elses Flickr world of thier photos. And then I`ll read someone`s comments there, and click onto that persons photo set, and just keep going and going deeper and deeper, and it shows how we are all connected. I enjoyed that feature a lot at Picasa. I do not seem to have that feature with Google Photos.
My e-mail is jimhofman@mchsi.com

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Jim Hofman
January 2007
Brookeville which is inside Montgomery County Md.
I am:
Male and Taken
Pizza and Rentals in Ocean City Md.