The professional story:
Senior content manager at / LinkedIn Learning. I help make our video courses.

Past lives:
Mac and technology writer; conference developer; author, The Macintosh iLife series of books and DVDs
Senior Contributor, Macworld magazine
Syndicated technology columnist, Los Angeles Times
Conference Chair, Web Design World

The real story:
Obsessed photographer, amateur musician, lover of family, words, dogs, beaches, music, science, travel, food, drink, people, fun.

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    Cynthia E. Wood says:

    "Jim is a prince. And by that I do not mean that he is uppity, entitled or inbred -- or that he wears purple brocade and ruffles. What I mean is that he is kind, thoughtful, generous and funny... And, without attempting to play one-upsies with *cate*, he is one of my favorite people in the universe. Oh yeah, and every now and then he takes a pretty nice photograph too."

    January 29th, 2009

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    cuppajo461 says:

    "Years ago when i was missing my Mendocino I found one of Jim's sites that had Videos of my old home.. I have been a fan ever since.. and so glad I have met up with him again here at Flickr.. Jodel"

    February 26th, 2008

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    * cate * says:

    "a beautiful storyteller, a visual poet, a wonderful friend.
    one of my favorite people on the planet."

    July 2nd, 2007

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    Frederick Van Johnson says:

    "Ok, I admit it. Jim is one of the main reasons I became active on Flickr. I've had an account for at least a year, but never really got active until just recently. I must say, watching Jim's photos of Sophie and the fabulous Mendicino coastline pushed me off of the couch and into the Flickr-verse. Jim is a great photographer, author, and friend. I heard a rumor that he's got musical chops too, but I can't confirm it."

    October 2nd, 2006

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    La Route says:

    "I've hesitated to write this testimonial to Jim Heid as I know him to be unpretentious about his talents. I've known of Jim for quite some time through his Macintosh ILife books and his site, the Mac ILife Hub (they opened up a whole new digital life for me). This by the way, is how I learned about Flickr. I started posting a few photos more for my family than anything else and I, of course, followed the life and antics of Miss Sophie his silver standard poodle. I left a few "shy" comments. then I received a message saying Jim Heid had put me down as a contact, I was flabbergasted but I've never looked back since.
    Jim is a wonderful, talented photographer, tender, sincere. His photos of Sophie endearing, the world around him, Mendocino and the coast, beautiful. He is also a very faithful Flickr friend. Although we have never met and live on different continents, I consider Jim to be a friend"

    October 8th, 2006

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    The Pack says:

    "From the start, Jim helped me and the Boyz feel welcome here at Flickr. It was really the canine connection between his beautiful silver standard poodle Sophie and my Mercury. It was here on Flickr that we found the poodles were related.

    It was Jim's wonderful images of Sophie that drew me to his photostream, and there I found a collection of lovely beaches and rich country scenes. His images are like tiny morsels of peace for the soul, and just around the corner you’ll find a bit of paradise."

    November 20th, 2005

Jim Heid
May 2004
Pittsburgh, PA
Educator, content manager, writer, conference producer
Jim Heid's Mac iLife Site