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The pictures posted here are downsized from the high-res versions. Information on licensing high-res versions or purchasing prints is on my personal page. I do occasionally license my pictures for free but only upon email request. So if you'd like to use a shot for free, check my licensing page above.

If you find a picture of you,
and you're an individual, you'll probably be able to get the high-res image for free. Just contact me via Flickrmail or use the email at the bottom of my web page.

So, about me...
I'm a professional speaker specializing in training on sales and use taxes. I also enjoy photography and do classes on that as well. I have been fortunate to work all over the USA (all 50 states), so I have had the opportunity to take pictures in many places.

I used to wield a camera when I was about seven through my mid-twenties. Then I got tired of taking pictures, paying for processing, and just keeping the pictures in boxes. But when I saw a picture a friend had taken with a digital camera in late 2002, I got back into it - buying a Sony Cybershot DSC 717. I was addicted again.

I moved up to Nikon in 2005 and now own a D7000, D90, speedlights, and assorted equipage. I'm not going to list it all because, for the life of me, I can't figure out why anyone would care. I joined Flickr in 2005 and now I definitely don't have to keep my photos in boxes anymore!

I've started a few groups here on Flickr, but my favorite, and one I encourage you to join if you're in the western suburbs of Chicago, is West Suburban Chicago Flickrers


I would appreciate it if you'd refrain from posting graphics in the comments unless it's relevant to the thread.. I'll probably delete it. I appreciate the thought, but I don't want to look at that graphic every time I look at my own picture.

Go crazy with invitations if you're an admin for the group and you use the group invitation option under "actions." That's the easiest way to invite a picture, and it is the easiest for me. I'm probably not going to want to join the group.

I will usually submit a picture to a topic specific group. But I won't submit a picture to a general group, particularly one that requires commenting or faving.

If your comment is pretty much nothing more than a promotion of your own pictures or a web site, I'll probably delete it. And block you.


If you fave a picture of a person, I'll look at your faves. If you clearly have some weird fetish, I'll block you. I don't have a problem with whatever you're into, just don't involve my subjects.

If you're using a favebot or if you simply fave my pictures indiscriminately, don't. If you fave a lot of my shots, I'll look at your faves. If I can't even find my pictures because you've faved so many in the sad and desperate hunt for reciprocal faves, you'll be blocked.

On the other hand, if you fave my pictures...thanks! It's appreciated.


Do not mock the people in my photographs. That's my job.

Thanks for stopping by
Thanks for viewing my photos. All those comments, views and favorites make me feel all warm and fuzzy. I'm glad you enjoy them.

My current "disposable" email address is at the very bottom of my personal page

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    The Shutterbug Eye™ says:

    "Jim is a very talented photographer with a wonderfully varied photostream. He is a wonderful leader of the WSCF group and always willing to help when I've had questions about photography, my camera equipment, etc."

    November 30th, 2010

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    vidular says:

    "Jim is the quintessential renaissance man of photography. With much experience he gladly helps others and manages several flickr group including the West Suburban Chicago Flickrers, a very active group of photographers. I particularly enjoy how he documents the places he travels in photographs. Often very artistic and always technically top notch, I recommend his photostream to you for a great variety of photographic subjects, techniques and, best of all, a wonderful sense of humor."

    March 6th, 2010

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    Patrick Dirden says:

    "Jim is an incredibly talented photographer! From trains to nature shots, the variety he offers is amazing. He's also a great Flickr friend as well!"

    December 19th, 2008

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    lynnieb says:

    "I have had the pleasure of meeting Jim and Kate in person....what great people. Jim has been shooting for awhile and is a well-seasoned photographer which is reflected in his photos. He has always been willing to help when I have needed his expertise. Thanks Jim!"

    October 1st, 2006

Jim Frazier
July 2005
Batavia, Illinois, USA
Professional Speaker and Trainer, Sales Tax Guy, Blogger, and Occasional Photographer for Actual Money