Even genius requires a competent technique. — Robert Fripp

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    HoldThatTiger says:

    "Uh...Bob: Silent But Deadly would be the name of his Broadway musical. He is an interesting cat to say thee least. He feels deeply about the past even though he lives in the present. Perhaps, to some - the way he views life from inside and outside of its' shell is a bit intense. He is taking it apart layer by layer - only to pull out a chunk of truth and genuine oddness from his pocket. He'll draw you a picture. He'll cook you a meal. He'll give you many things to think about. He'll speak to you in the softest voice possible, only to draw you in. Make friends with him. Uh..Bob is a cool cat, man."

    March 24th, 2008

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    the atomic housewife says:

    "Uh...Bob knows absolutely everything. He's the Master of Kitsch, the King of Trivia and the Grand Poobah of Nothingness. Bob can find beauty in things others don't notice, or pretend not to notice but sneak back for a second look. Anyhow, Bob is my friend and his photos and comments always give me something to think about. Even that time he compared me to a chimp."

    November 10th, 2006

July 2004
Willow Oak, Fla., U S of A — The land of the hot dog stand, the atom bomb and the Good Humor Man