I will always be a teenager. I dress like I'm 19 and use $75 wrinkle cream. I was an extraordinary dancer in my younger days. I unknowingly invented Tektronik dancing. I am unordinary. I have decided to be even more so. I am American by birth and British by fashion. Perhaps I'm a Ameritish, or maybe Britarican. I do not like beans on toast for breakfast. I love red phone booths. I collect things. The problem, as I see it, is that I simply do not have enough things. My house keeps getting smaller. I like strange people, but do strange people like me? Hair Care products fascinate me. When I was younger I grew Baobab trees and had a Bonsai collection. I've hiked on pristine glaciers and worked my own gold mine in Alaska. I identified a Hamamelis Virginiana for Rosemary Verey. My tear ducts have a hair trigger. No matter what I have, I always want more. I have more clothes than anyone would believe. Sometimes I believe the hype.

I am an artist. Rather, I am SOMETIMES an artist. I spend more time not creating than I do creating. But I think about it all the time. ALL THE TIME. I believe I’ve had a rather interesting life. But then I also believe that chupacabras and aliens exist, so factor that into your calibrations of my grasp on reality. I am actually only a shell of the me who appears in photographs. The man in the photos is someone else. I live for POP CULTURE. I refuse to shrivel gracefully. I adore dogs & all other furry creatures, skyscrapers, food, world culture, anthropology, archeology, linguistics, writing, reading, audiobooks, music, plants and flowers, collecting neato things, TV, movies, design, technology, fashion, and everything British, especially David Tennant and Alistair Appleton. I’ve had my 15 minutes twice. And would love nothing more than a third. Can I hear a fourth? Ignore me and you slay me. Please do not slay me, it hurts my feelings.

I learn something new everyday and take immeasurable inspiration from many of the Flickr geniuses who post their works here.

I've recently cut back and almost quit leaving my praise comments on most of these amazing works, because, frankly, the whole Flickr experience is pretty one-sided. Some of my photos get views, but comments are rarer then hen's teeth and I've gotten pretty much zero response from the hundreds and hundreds of comments I've left and an 99.9% of my attempts to ask questions or to engage in conversations go ignored. I wish Flickr was a friendlier more social place .

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Jeffrey Hood
March 2009
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