From the Mountains through the City to the Sea
I am Condemned

Young Lake Panoramic

Apartment View Shanghai

Looking for Vision...

Human behavior is governed by the interplay of three fundamental forces, or impulses. Under the influence of the first, the Life impulse, we eat, seek shelter, have sex, and do innumerable other things in service simply of staying alive and perpetuating life. We could continue to exist if this were our only drive, but plainly it is not. Dissatisfied with just existing, we also are driven by a second impulse, Wonder. It is this impulse that makes us search for the meaning of our existence. Witness the pervasiveness of this drive in the countless religions, philosophies, and laws we invent to answer the ultimate question, “Why are we here?” But we don’t reduce to a duality. There is a third, primary impulse at hand in all of us, that which impels us to create art, to be captivated by art, even to be art. The Art impulse is as fundamental to our humanness as Life and Wonder. Nurture your third impulse.

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    _Paula AnDDrade says:

    "An Amazing Photographer!
    His photos are an Eye Catcher, great Artist! it is a pleasure coming to his stream! ;~)
    Thanks for sharing such outstanding images with us!"

    December 25th, 2006

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    Ricardo (Sr.) says:

    "Jason is an incredibly cool, and truly nice, person. When I first saw his beach "landscapes" I just had to e-mail him and ask how he did it...I got back a full page step by step instruction on "blending multiple HDR images" into 1 incredible shot....huh?

    Then, when I was going through my amateur imagefolio, to produce original prints for my children for Xmas, I decided to include 1 of Jason's images for my 22 yo daughter who is freeezing in Germany at an Air Force Base, ,he immediately responded and took time from his day to be sure the image was "sized" right for reproduction. He also keeps me posted on the surf when I am in baja offroad racing.

    Jason is the man, and way cool. CHECK OUT THIS STREAM!"

    December 21st, 2006

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    bullseyephoto says:

    "I cant think of anyone else that's transforming landscape photography like this guy. When I look at one of his landscapes i'm literally drawn into the picture. Anyone can take a shot of a beautiful scene and take credit for the subject matter simply because they were there at the right time. However, I believe it takes a different skill to give that shot a life of its own. When I look at these amazing pictures I'm there, hearing the birds or smelling the sea. Totally captivating!"

    December 19th, 2006

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    rekha_is_batman says:

    "I love this photostream. His work is so unique and inspires me, he is one of my contacts i admire and look up to highly. I'm sorry i cannot say more, this is because everyone has expressed how i feel about your work and so many others...

    Please for everyone's sake keep up your fabulous work.

    October 25th, 2006

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    Half Pinay - Laretta Houston says:

    "Such an amazing photostream. One of the best i have seen on flickr that goes beyone the limits of just everyday photography. Very creative and brilliant!!"

    September 11th, 2006

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    AgonysMuse says:

    "Such amazing words and photography! There is a beauty in JHC's photos that is beyond comparision! So surreal at times I catch myself
    sitting for long moments to absorb the feel of them. Keep up the wonderful work! Take the time to explore these fabulous photos!"

    August 7th, 2006

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