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I am a visual artist (drawing, printmaking) who started taking photographs as shorthand reference for myself. In time, I began to appreciate the photographs as worthwhile objects in and of themselves, so I've begun to purposely pursue photography as a valid artistic endeavor. I appreciate the immediacy of photography, as my other works only emerge after months of toil.

Portrait of Frieda Pushnik and a Patron at a Casement © 2004 James G. Mundie, ink drawing

To see more examples of my work, please go to and Congress of Oddities: James G. Mundie's Prodigies

Ten photos from James G. Mundie's Cabinet of Wonders were recently featured in New Scientist magazine: Specimens As Art

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  • Lanterns by xnedski
  • krampuslauf 2013 poster designed by james g. mundie! by Amber Dorko Stopper
  • mundies with lanterns!  by Amber Dorko Stopper
  • sgf 159 by Yogurt75
  • ssg  07 by Yogurt75
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  • MACabinet004.jpg by astropop

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James Mundie
April 2007
Philadelphia, USA
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