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Wherever I go, 24/7, I am always seeing images. It kills me because I don't always have my camera on person. I always shoot more than what's necessary. Even though I call it a day when I'm either out of film or my cards are full (which doesn't usually take very long), I can't turn off the part of my brain that sees a photo to be taken.

I like shooting street because of how spontaneous it is. Whether it be architecture, found objects, or people, there's always subjects out there waiting to be captured. I love using decisive moment because I know I'm the only person in the world who has or ever will capture that one instant in time. I'd rather not do studio set ups and still have to take that class. Give me natural light any day. Maybe toss me a flash. I'm not about the newest and latest gear either. Give me a camera and I'll make an image. I love experimenting with formats and processes.

For me its not about the equipment, its about making the most of what you have; pushing yourself to create, not geeking out on the tech side of photo. Its about capturing the person, the moment, the form, the image that I see in front of me and make it what I see in my mind as the finished product. Sometimes its experimental and I don't know what I exactly want which is really exciting, but most of the time I know what I want and I try to get it right. If it doesn't work out, then I move onto something else. I guess that's something about me that also translates into more about my personality than just when working with art.

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Jessica Glass
February 2008
Sacramento, CA
I am:
college student and ex fro-yo slave