"Looking to capture the Art in everyday life"

Tight Grip and Dust

So, I started as a traveler who took pictures. I did a lot of observing. More than 10,000 miles were on a bicycle. Not much to do but observe. I'd stop and take a shot.

I was at the Louvre museum in Paris at the Mona Lisa... the crowd was thick and I couldn't get close enough for a photo. I realized the experience was the crowd, not the painting. It was like a light bulb went off in my head (flash bulb?)

I became more aware of atmosphere and mood. As I took more shots, the point became as much the photography as the travel. The type of pictures I liked to take evolved.

So, now I live and work in the New York City area and I've been focusing mostly on street photography. While I occasionally slip in a landscape or artistic shot, life on the streets intrigues me and offers great challenges. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

You can see more pictures and read my photo blog at my website at www.StreetObservations.com.

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Please do not use my photographs without explicit approval from me. The finest are available at www.JohnFraissinet.com (others upon request). Thanks.

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  • Reflected Self by John Fraissinet
  • Tight Grip and Dust by John Fraissinet
  • Captured Single-Handed by John Fraissinet
  • Focused Blur by John Fraissinet
  • Self Portrait Reflection by John Fraissinet
  • Sled and Self by John Fraissinet
  • Street Photographer by John Fraissinet

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    Photos by Enzo D. says:

    "I've never been to New York City and my idea of this city was based inevitably on Woody Allen’s “Manhattan”. Since I follow John’s photostream, my representation of New York has changed through his photos.

    Through his camera, the formless crowd that he encounters every day becomes something interesting, people turn into actors, expressions, colors and lights catch our eye.

    In John's photography, it all makes sense and you can realize it even more by reading his blog "Street Observation". He is able to stop the moments of everyday life with grace and discretion, slowing the rapid flow of life in New York and giving us the opportunity to watch with him small and meaningful moments that would otherwise be lost."

    December 21st, 2010

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    Aster-oid says:

    "People who are lucky or unlucky enough to know me in person also know that if there's one city in the whole world I 'm absolutely obsessed with it's NYC!
    As I grow older and older, big cities don't do it for me any more - but not New York... New York still does it for me and always will! It's a city full of life, a refreshing, rejuvenating experience in itself, and John Fraissinet has been steadily capturing the essence of NYC life in his pictures. The very soul of the city that never sleeps, regardless of seasons and regardless of the time of day, is right there: in these pictures that John is generous enough to share with us on a regular basis!
    After all, a place - a city, an island, a village - is mostly its people, the way they live their everyday lives, the way they walk around, their smile or the stress reflected in their eyes, a gesture here and there, a look, a pose, an attitude at the restaurant, at the theater, at the bus stop.
    When we visit a place, this is what stays with us forever afterwards: the people! And John's pictures are full of people, New York people... His pictures come alive with the people in them - or is it that people come alive in John's pictures?
    In a few words, if you can't be in New York or if you can't visit the city, visiting John's photostream is quite possibly the next best thing! I should know: that's what I do, until my next trip!
    Thank you, John!"

    December 11th, 2009

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    Sion Fullana says:

    "Simply put: some of the best New York street photography you may find on Flickr... amazing eye!"

    May 25th, 2009

John Fraissinet
June 2006
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