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    fraser_west says:

    "So much great work."

    13th March, 2013

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    joshuaporter.co.uk says:

    "I cannot get over the tones and quality in every image Jeremy uploads. Recently his work from Africa and Ethiopia has been so inspirational and meaningful that it has added a whole new dimension to his work. The depth in the portraits and descriptions is wonderful. All I have to say is that the guy really is such an inspiration and that I hope the great work continues. However, I am sure it will."

    28th September, 2010

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    Alexis Hill says:

    "I just want to favorite every photograph on his stream."

    27th July, 2010

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    W. Sierra Hoffman says:

    "Jeremy has such a unique personal style. His work is lively yet pensive, youthful yet profound. Jeremy knows who he is and his photographs reflect that certitude. An amazing young talent!"

    18th March, 2010

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    carla-marie photography says:

    "Your work is sensational. Every time I look at your photographs I see so much, they are exciting and you capture each image perfectly. They all have their own individuality and you can see your passion for photography in them. I love your work and know you are going to go as far as you want."

    19th February, 2010

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    tulips & turpentine says:

    "You capture life in a way that I've never seen.
    It's breathtaking."

    6th February, 2010

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    Peter Holliday says:

    "Jeremy is gonna be huge, it's imminent. One of the most talented photographers on Flickr right now. You have a wonderful gift buddy!"

    10th December, 2009

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    Jesse Speelman says:

    "All of Jeremy's shots are awesome. I could look through his photostream over and over again and not get bored of it. His portraits are powerful and somewhat mysterious, and his live concert shots are what I aim to shoot like."

    21st October, 2009

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    TGKW says:

    "Jeremy knows how to make light to what he wants it to do, and that is just the beginning of his photographic talent. I would say this whether he is 17 or 37, but the fact that he's the former lends weight to the hope and promise that he has much further to go. Keep it up."

    15th July, 2009

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    advertising amy says:

    "your work is seriously awesome. amazing quality and perspective in your shots!!! Everyone of your shots has a unique atmosphere! So good!!!!!"

    15th July, 2009

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    Logan Cyrus says:

    "At 17 this young man has an extremely accomplished portfolio that brings a broad range of technical camera skill and personal creative ingenuity. Top notch work that is self taught. Good luck in school and hope to see you continue to push the limits of the photographic world."

    30th June, 2009

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    BenKphoto says:

    "WOW is pretty much what I say every time Jeremy uploads a photo. This young man is 17 and loaded with talent! The detail he captures in people and landscapes is surreal, and his off camera flash work is inspiring. I find myself feeling like I am standing next to him while he is setting up for each and every one of his photos (if that makes any sense.) I have been watching Jeremy's stream for about 3 days now, and can't wait to see more.

    Keep it up man, you have some seriously amazing work."

    18th May, 2009

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    Madison McKenna says:

    "Jeremy's photography is absolutely brilliant! He knows what it takes to be a photographer, and is using that knowledge to succeed. I just looked through every single photo in his photostream and at least 20 took my breath away... all of the others stunned me. All I have to say is that he better keep up the good work so we can work alongside each other when we're both famous photographers in the near future :p"

    4th May, 2009

Jeremy Snell
January 2009
Honolulu, USA
I am:
Male and Single
jeremy [at] jeremysnell.com