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It is incumbent upon visionary artists to lead visionary lives and Jeremy Mason McGraw has lived none other. Traveling the world by ship, living in luxury hotels, exploring avenues from those in Croatia to Komodo Island.

With a background in live theatre, laser shows, pyrotechnics and staged illusion, it’s no surprise that McGraw’s work has been described as camera-made storytelling paintings. Anything but your average photographer, Jeremy consistently produces work that is anything but average.

Jeremy owes a large part of his unique style to his history with magic and theatre and to his experience as a painter. By the age of 15, he was already performing magic shows at a theme park, and molded his love of live performance into a career in set and lighting design. By 18, he’d received several awards, both domestic and international for his painting. It wasn’t until a photography class revealed to Jeremy the possibilities inherent in the artform that he relinquished the brush and canvass in deference to the camera and contact sheet.

Since then, his camera has been busy flying him to the four corners of the globe, shooting for the world’s finest hotels, films, television, magazines and live entertainment productions.

Regardless of setting or subject matter, McGraw’s objective is always the same; to find a story in the subject, retell that story to the viewer allow them to connect with it. Jeremy hopes that you will find your story in his images. To follow his, go to www.JeremyMasonMcGraw.com and join his online community.

Here are some places I have been recently published:

Springfield News-leader Feature Video Story:
During the shooting of Eternal Beauty the News-Leader came down and shot a video story about my work. Here is the video:
Jeremy Mason McGraw - Creative Minds

Front / Back covers and feature photography in the book "Chronik 21" the story of their total renovation of the 200 year old 5 star Hotel Baur Au Lac in Zurich Switzerland.

Principal images for 2010 Haygoods campaign in Branson, MO.

417 Magazine Feature "Inspired by Rhymes" 2010
Here is a link: www.417mag.com/417-Magazine/November-2009/Inspired-by-Rhy...

My images of the Baur au Lac Hotel in Zurich was prominently featured in the 2009 - 2010 issue of the Swiss magazine "Veiws".

My work with hotels was the cover story in March 2009 issue of Signature Magazine.

Cover and Feature of the Winter 2009 Issue of 417 Bride Magazine.
Here is a link: www.417bride.com/417-Bride/Winter-2009/

Cover and Feature of the Summer 2008 Issue of 417 Bride Magazine.
Here is a link: www.417bride.com/417-Bride/Summer-2008/

Some of my photos aired on the "Not in Portland" Episode of Lost.

Here is the Story: www.jeremymasonmcgraw.com/scrapbook.asp?ch=332&gretre...

I have my own warped song. It was written for me by the talented Jason Dowty. You can download it here:


Here is an article written about my photography:

International Photographer Jeremy Mason McGraw will be premiering a brand new concept collection of Photography called "Eternal Beauty".

The exhibition highlights the stunning glamorous photography of an alternate dark world ruled by immortal demons and vampires. These images, from their top fashion magazine (Eternal Beauty) shed a light on spectacular and sometimes gruesome pastimes and culture of this
predator society as it paints faint parallels to the concept of beauty in our own world.

This collection was a collaboration between Jeremy and Universal Studios makeup artist LuAndra Whitehurst . The images were shot in and around Eureka Springs utilizing models and artists from Eureka Springs, Fayetteville and Joplin, MO.

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  • Matanga Hill by Monica Raj
  • Event Photography by Monica Raj
  • Your Hotel Room Sanctuary by jeremymasonmcgraw
  • Fixing a Rainbow by jeremymasonmcgraw

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  • Massif du Mont Blanc by Tristan Shu
  • St. Elizabeth Church, Eureka Springs, Arkansas Infrared 3 by CaptusLumen
  • 4th of July 2013 at Lake Eola Park in Downtown Orlando, FL by Grizzlee Martin
  • Worship Turds, All by Marc-Anthony Macon
  • Olive Lives in the Basement by Marc-Anthony Macon

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Jeremy Mason Mcgraw
January 2008
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