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Jenny never fails to produce a fine image, I adore her macro and bokeh shots and just love the way she sees the world... Kindest regards Sam :0)

October 11, 2011

jenny has to be the master of leaves and flower i love the different colours and shades and she dose great macro flower glad to be a contact geeo123

October 10, 2008
ggabor says:

Surely, when I run out of ideas, it is Jenny's photostream I need to visit. She has an amazing ability to turn everyday details into a magnificient, and often very intriguing piece of art. Jenny's wonderful pictures are very creative and highly inspiring. It is a joy to look through her photos.

August 4, 2008

Jenny is a very kind person who leaves always nice comments on pictures she likes. She is also a very inspired girl. I just love her vision on things and the way she shoots them

June 21, 2008