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Having fought against switching from the purity of film, via a little Canon P&S to what I use now, a fancy-schmancy EOS 50D 5D Mark ii, I am well and truly converted. The freedom to take a hundred photos when in the past I would have waited for the 'perfect' shot and perhaps have pressed the shutter only once or twice, has been liberating - not to mention a severe drain on my hard drive.

With my photos, what you see is what you get; I peer at the world with one eye closed or with head on one side; I see bokeh sparkles in the bottom of my wineglass.....but that might just be an alcoholic haze!

My photos are usually sooc. I do not 'Photoshop' (far too complicated!); instead I crop using Picasa - and occasionally sharpen or adjust the contrast.

I hope you like what you see; I am my own most severe critic (well apart from my grumpy husband!) but I welcome your comments! I am happy for you to use my images (according to my Creative Commons licence of course) but would appreciate being told.

2011 a year in photos
a month of mornings

My latest 'professional' blog leaps and bounds and its two grown-up sisters a window into 2i's world and older posts from a window into 2i's world might interest you if you are a teacher. Or even if you aren't.

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    Samantha Nicol Art Photography says:

    "Jenny never fails to produce a fine image, I adore her macro and bokeh shots and just love the way she sees the world...

    Kindest regards
    Sam :0)"

    11th October, 2011

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    geeo123 says:

    "jenny has to be the master of leaves and flower i love the different colours and shades and she dose great macro flower glad to be a contact geeo123"

    10th October, 2008

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    ggabor says:

    "Surely, when I run out of ideas, it is Jenny's photostream I need to visit. She has an amazing ability to turn everyday details into a magnificient, and often very intriguing piece of art. Jenny's wonderful pictures are very creative and highly inspiring. It is a joy to look through her photos."

    4th August, 2008

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    Alexandre Bertin says:

    "Jenny is a very kind person who leaves always nice comments on pictures she likes. She is also a very inspired girl. I just love her vision on things and the way she shoots them"

    21st June, 2008

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