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    ¶åįŊ says:

    "Master storyteller

    Master mindfukker"

    20th September, 2011

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    ▲Billy Plummer says:

    "NOBODY does death better, sexier and with such control, wit & style than you Janelle. Every time you try something new it still has your wonderful unmistakable mark on it.

    It's like not being able to resist slowing down on a highway to get a good look at a car crash. We know we shouldn't & it's so wrong but so natural & right (& fascinating & enjoyable) at the same time.

    I've been such a ridiculously big fan for such a long time. You're unique - such a sublime & perversely wicked delight on here.

    Long, long, long may you roll.



    4th August, 2011

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    *CoMa* says:

    "There is no one else like you nowhere never."

    18th May, 2011

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    batman63 says:

    "Jenn is one of those gurls that creates art that comes from the heart of her soul & id. It is a world that basically screams out her love & fascination for you the audience/world, but at the same time, if you hook horns, she’ll possibly pop a kap in your ass, and sing about it later——maybe in one of her creations that she slaves over.

    Now, let us sing about Jen in a note of appreciation, and let us dig on the remote possibility that she may pop a Kap in all our asses… We’d be so glad she did!

    -Batsy Poppa63"

    15th April, 2011

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    Olivier Burnside says:

    "Haunting beauty. Consistently amazing."

    11th February, 2011

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    {no rest for the wicked} says:


    Jenn is the essence of both mysterium tremendum and mysterium fascinans."

    27th January, 2011

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    brancusi7 says:

    "Janelle is the alchemical facemaker who can show a man a girl in the mirror and make them both the same.
    For me, Janelle proves over and over in her extraordinary work that the very best portraits mirror equally vividly the subject, the artist and the viewer."

    19th January, 2011

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    broken sundowns says:

    "Jenn is an embracer of visual hell, in the most deeply beautiful way"

    20th January, 2011

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    Pagan Moth says:

    "just the right caliber that hurts the most with maximum pleasure

    no one comes close to yr work, J"

    21st January, 2011

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    SalaBoli says:

    "The last visions seen through the thin veil of death. And the pain, anguish, love and life that lie implicit in the deedless eyes of each victim.
    That's what you'll find in Jenn's gallery. All this and other things that surely you don't want to see.

    Or maybe you do?"

    19th January, 2011

Jenn Violetta
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