Retro Photographer.
I transport people back in time...

I am available for freelance assignments.

NONE of my images are free stock photos. If you're interested in purchasing the rights to use any of my work, please contact me:

All my images that appear on flickr are copyright ©2001 -- ©2016 by Jena Ardell. All rights reserved.

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1. anchor, 2. whatchu lookin at cow?!!, 3. meet me down by the maple tree, 4. icecream, 5. fountain motel, 6. summer heat, 7. cactus, 8. hose, 9. dope nose dina, 10. cat and dog burglars, 11. fun & leisure, 12. kit cats, 13. waiting, 14. bungalows, 15. docked, 16. camper, 17. sea | gull, 18. up to my ears in corn, 19. time warp, 20. on the edge

1. rust, 2. boardwalk casino, 3. stretch, 4. infinity, 5. when ideas collide, 6. foamy, 7. on display, 8. it's autumn, 9. pink, 10. frozen, 11. graffiti, 12. palm trees, 13. for keeps

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    Nick Leonard says:

    "Jena has a keen eye for photographing life that surrounds her. Her photos are phenomenal.
    - - - -
    I love your Polaroids tons!!!"

    January 4th, 2009

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    Extra Medium says:

    "Jena didn't want to part with her One Step Polaroid, but I insisted since she was at the convention with a table that she had to make me a deal. I only had the money I got from pawning my antique vacuum, so I told her we had to work something out. She had a whole box of them too, which made it odd just how emotional she got when it came down to parting with them. She told me that the quality from the film wasn't the greatest but it conveyed a certain feeling not achieved by modern digital cameras. I detected a Pennsylvania accent so we talked about life in the countries largest commonwealth and how the beer distributors suck, and how much better LA is. She's a unique individual inside and out, and she's cool not because she's met Bam Magera, but because she sees life one frame at a time."

    November 11th, 2008

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    Claire Marie Vogel says:

    "Jena rocks and so do her endless and awesome spectra photographs. She always takes you to amazing little places and takes wonderful photos that capture them. love em and love her!"

    June 26th, 2008

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    michelle_k says:

    "Loved her work when i first got here, love her work now, will always love her work! And she's really sweet, a great soul.. and you can tell that comes through in her photographs. There's just a great spirit in them."

    May 24th, 2007

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    Adventure Minded says:

    "Ahhh!, the Jenanator!!!! yes yes, you take really awesome Photos and i think they are cool!!! i like the ones where i write "Poo" with a flashlight! ha ha. She has some of the coolest cameras ive seen!! so simple yet so intriguing! well to me anyways!! ha ha anyways an awesome girl that takes awesome pictures!!!!!!! time you can buy more bananas because its on!!!! ha ha that is all!"

    February 1st, 2007

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    won7ders says:

    "bonjour. just want to say a little something about jena. i am so excited about where this girl can go, and what this girl could do. with a natural artistic talent, a signature style, and a sense of fun and humor... aah! more people in the world should see her stuff! love ya, jena!"

    December 12th, 2006

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    .R says:

    "jena and i first met on the scratchy surface of an old polaroid. walking her little faerie dog there on an incredibly long and thin white leash, she gave me a sudden smile. in beguiling whispers, she then introduced me to her brightly coloured world. she told wonderful little stories that raised everyday life to dream-like scenes of seldom beauty.
    she wears a star on her feet and the sun in her mouth. and there’s a palm tree island named after her (at least the palm hearts carry her name).

    when i speechlessly gazed after her delicate shape and the snow flake attached to the leash’s other end, i felt that both of them had wings."

    November 15th, 2006

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    Cat NY says:

    "One look at jena's photostream and you are immediately sucked into her world of color and beauty.The way that she turns ordinary objects into a photo opportunity shows how much she loves photography. Keep an eye on this fun Flickr member!"

    November 8th, 2006

September 2006
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I transport people back in time.