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Frozen Jek was your typical stressed up and cynical 18 year-old schooling in a junior college in the Marine Parade area of Singapore. He thought Kinematics, Integration , Differentiation and Circular Motion was a bother and didn't pass a single Physics or Mathematics test in the initial months.

In school, he was also known as ProJektionist or yeeJek and often acted like a lunatic. Bursting out in laughter during morning assembly for no apparent reason. Engaging in chit chats with Chemistry teachers like old friends (even though he doesnt take the subject). Deluding freshmen about recruiting them for a non-existant Washing Machine Club (and getting conned by freshmen about a Dryer's Society). He was also often seen at the Photography Society's meetings. Mumbling to camera, dancing with tripods and farting at strobes.

Back at home, he was a secret about a secret. Emo-ing at the early hours. Holding emergency meetings with Skydrifter and Illusionist at regular intervals. Exorting rich boys like Mr Red Bag and Kurniawan. Burning Xiaoming's collection for his fan club. Embracing his worn-out Canon EOS 300D. And dreaming of MC.


Right now, he is 20 and proudly serving as an infantry non-comm in his country's conscript army.

And Photography to him is about pondering, exploring, visualising and finally creating. It is not all about the emotions, the ideas, the passion and the perfection. It is the illusion, the perception and the proJektion.

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October 2004
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