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she makes you burn by ~this*is*me~
From ~this*is*me~

OneDoorClosesAnotherOpens by OneLifeOnEarth
From OneLifeOnEarth

Note to self: Next time, make sure there is candy before getting in the van. by DyeDye
From DyeDye

*Swoon Worthy by espressoDOM
From espressoDOM

Every girl wants to be swept off her feet, it's when you put her in the trunk that she starts to freak out. by DyeDye
From DyeDye

"You can't be brave if you've only had wonderful things happen to you." by DyeDye
From DyeDye

Does this rag smell like Chloroform? by DyeDye
From DyeDye

Come September..... by DyeDye
From DyeDye

Merry Christmas to all.... by Baja Juan
From Baja Juan

There, Jeffers, My face. by <3Jennie<3
From <3Jennie<3

inspired by springs colors.... by 6ftmama
From 6ftmama

Letting go of Paper Dreams. by JenO'K
From JenO'K

In love with light..... by 6ftmama
From 6ftmama

Numbered by cristinspriggs
From cristinspriggs

Measured by cristinspriggs
From cristinspriggs

Welcome {Explore 01.13.12} by Ar~Pic
From Ar~Pic

I'll run away with  you... by Trina ~
From Trina ~

2012 by kdavidson<3
From kdavidson<3

Caribbean sunset.... by Baja Juan
From Baja Juan

Christmas Eve (sooc) by ch@nia_g!rl
From ch@nia_g!rl

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