(My favourite set (and pictures of which I am most proud of) is national day unihockey match)

My photography philosophy: I believe in what I term "natural photography", and generally dislike too heavily photoshopped (or gimp-ed) photographs. Natural photography: if a thing is there already in the natural scene... you should just let it be, and take it as part of the picture. Do not attempt to move it, or otherwise take it out. If you want to take it out... reframe yourself, or recompose yourself. Because Life, is Art, and Art, is Life. "Set up shots" are only fine if u do it for the studio. Or if u're doing commercial photography.

I currently own a Canon EOS 30D, which i just bought in July of 2006. I previously shot using a Canon Powershot A80 (which I had to constantly borrow, as a matter of fact). Did some photojournalism for an online clubbing magazine (which is defunct now), but which I seriously enjoyed for a while (hey, who actually gets to get into a club for free??? and actually be allowed to bring a camera in there???)

I currently shoot only using a kit lens (cos that's all i've got), but I would like to expand my kit. The only question is, which kit???? If u have a suggestion (hey, look through my photographs!!!), u are welcome to tell me about it.

If I've left a great comment or suggestion on one of your photos, here's how you can help me out in return:

=> Visit one of my great websites (ok, you can check out this link for the moment)

=> - or just leave a great comment on one of my photos in the same spirit

=> or write me a great, fantastic testimonial (so that other people can see what a great guy i am :))

=> or buy me a year's worth of flickr pro!! (I know it aint much, but it definitely means something to me when u say that "ur stuff is worth keeping around" :) thank u so much)

=> leave me a great karmic offering of great love and great karma!!! (but I highly suggest that u do at least one of the above 4 as well :))

=> your choice!!!

I currently live in Singapore, but think globally. I like this quote from a friend of mine which sort of summarizes the "travel global, be global" outlook which I have: "For once you step out of the Singapore-only periphery of vision as a citizen of the world, would you trade the world for a dot?"

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