Interview, September 2012, with Martha Woodroof - "Unpeopled unremarkable places exude irony or pathos or deadpan humor when pictured by Harrisonburg photographer Jeff James. He finds the scenes during weekly long walks."
Listen to the full interview here:
The Spark

Jack Bailey interviewed me for his blog TALKBAK, January 2012. Please have a look: TALKBAK

 by Jeff James

National Geographic Adventure article, 2004
A Proper Walk in the Kenyan Bush
The photo set can be found here:

A local online newspaper interviewed me about my blog, The Friendly City:
Composing Meaning From The Mundane

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    chuckp says:

    "Jeff's work is a marvelous Seinfeldian concoction: brilliant photos, seemingly of nothing; a catalog of quotidian evidence that in its whole is beautiful, kind of sad, and utterly compelling."

    January 19th, 2012

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    unstill says:

    "At first glance Jeff's pictures could easily be overlooked as mistakes, photos taken without the photographer's knowledge or consent. Almost as if the shutter were accidentally pressed.

    Or perhaps tripped by a higher force.

    On greater examination one can see that there is an economy and elegance in these photos, and a quiet intentionality towards laying bare the humor in the quotidian arrangements that have insinuated themselves into our lives.

    Most notably in the series 'Harrisonburg, Virginia", Jeff gives us his tour of the self-named "Friendly City", which behaves for him like a deadpan Buster Keaton as it reveals the comedy available to all of us but unseen by most."

    May 12th, 2011

Jeff James
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